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Job Search, Career Advice, Career Mentoring 3 hours ago

The 80/20 rule applied to job search.

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.And it seems that the job search process…

Construction, Vehicle Examination 2 days ago

Welding linked to Lung Cancer - even in mild steel

The HSE are clamping down in enforcement for welding activities as there is evdience that welding fumes, including from mild steel, can cause lung cancer and possibly kidney…

Better Safety Health & Safety Consultant
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring 11th February 2019

Never stop learning.

Aristotle said, “The more you know, the more you know you don't know.” It is this thought which drives many of us to be inquisitive and to find out more: “perhaps I’ll be the one…

Career Coaching, Career Mentoring 7th February 2019

Making a difference.

Many people have a personal goal in life to do something for which they will be remembered, to leave a legacy if you like, or put simply “to make a difference.”Rational, logical…

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Finance, Cashflow, Accountancy, Trade Finance 5th June 2018

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Better Legislated...

Basware, a Finnish e-procurement vendor, together with YouGov have released a survey revealing the need for new late payment legislation among UK SMEs.The survey covering 2,000…

Regency Factors Invoice Finance Provider
Recruitment, Employee performance 5th October 2018

What Motivates Employees to Perform Well?

We tend to assume that a good salary and good perks motivate employees to stay in their jobs and perform well, but is this really the case?  We may think that appreciation,…

Google, Coaching skills, Management Coaching 27th March 2018

Elite managers coach - do you?

Google has recently conducted one of the most thorough studies of management behaviour and I'm fascinated by it!  They have identified eight qualities within top performing…

Kirsty Craig... Recruitment Consultant
Sales, Marketing, Advertising 11th December 2018

30 Ways to Execute an Effective Ad Campaign

Most successful professionals use a series of information based ads that build emotion and a call to action. These are so much more effective than a standard company branding…

Executive Coaching, Executive Career Transition 24th September 2018

Why many high performing Executives and Senior Managers...

How to avoid being ‘disappointing’ at job interviews - a problem spanning both functional disciplines and organisational sectors.By Bernard Pearce - The Executive Career…

Management, Employment disputes 29th October 2018

5 steps to winning a tribunal claim

There are 5 straightforward steps that significantly increase your company’s chances of winning a tribunal claim.Step 1: Take AdviceTake advice before you take action.  If you…

R&D Claims, R&D Tax Credits 21st June 2018

How to maximise your R&D Tax Credits claim

How to maximise your R&D Tax Credits claimAugust 2017In our humble opinion there are still far too many SMEs not benefitting from the R&D Tax Credits scheme.There are a myriad of…

Pr5oductivity, Transformational Change 12th April 2018

The potential impact of training on productivity

A ‘prime suspect’ in the crime of low productivity is weak investment in training and developing skills. A lot has been written a lot said, programmes developed, government…

Job Search, Career Coaching, Career Management 21st August 2018

Reaching destinations and achieving objectives.

Me, as we went up in the lift to my office: “You managed to find us okay?”Client, with gratitude: “Yes, great thanks, the e-mail you sent with the directions and the address were…

Legal 22nd August 2018

Document Collection & Sign Up Service

Face to Face Appointments with your clients in their own home or work place Evenings, weekend & same day appointments available All agents are professional and trained on a 1-1…

UK Legal Assist Legal Process Server
Employment & HR 16th October 2018

HR & SME Growth Cycle

HR and the SME growth cycleWhen 14.4 million people in the UK went to work this morning, they did not commute to a Tesco, Unilever or Shell office. Instead they hung their coats…

Property 9th November 2018

Where to invest in buy to let in England and Wales?

New data from Manchester-based online estate agency yieldit reveals the best locations to invest in buy-to-let across England and Wales.The data, gathered from the agency’s…

Knight Knox Investment Property Agent

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Event Services, Event Planning, Event management 6th February 2019

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. One of the most important things to do to enhance your life or career is to plan. Whether it's a short term plan for micro goals or a long…

Career Coaching, Career Mentoring 4th February 2019

The art of designing interventions.

Many of the people we’ve helped over the last 25 years with their careers come to us saying something along the lines of “I’m actually quite good at my job and I really enjoy it…

Career Mentoring, Interview Skills 31st January 2019

The critical factor - experience or attitude?

Ideally your interviewer will want to feel two levels of comfort if you are to receive an offer.Your qualifications, background and experience need to be well suited to the role…

Sales, Marketing, Marketing Strategy 30th January 2019

If someone buys from you do you offer them more?

We've all seen examples of this, every time you're in McDonald's you're asked if you want the meal large and a lot of people will say yes. This is an upsell the company wouldn't…

Career Coaching, Career Mentoring 28th January 2019

Are you happy with your working environment?

When we accept an offer from a new employer, we automatically join a new working environment. However, we had nothing to do with it’s creation: it was formed entirely without any…

Retail, Product Manager, Change Management 25th January 2019

Beans Again!!!!

BEANS AGAIN!!!!! We all love BEANS but served everyday would be so boring! So... we think and plan, add variety and re-imagine our meals. - Can this be applied to your product and…

Career Mentoring, Interview Skills 24th January 2019

Talk less and say more.

Vaffel in Norwegian, waffel in German, våffla in Swedish or waffle in English is a delightfully light teatime treat somewhere between a cake and a biscuit.However, in English when…

Career Advice, Career Mentoring 21st January 2019

If you haven’t got a career mentor, get one!

As the majority of us have, or will, experience, misfortunes in our careers are par for the course.You may have already experienced redundancy caused by some of the following:…

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