Manchester Professionals is a Professional Services and Business Networking portal.
Established in 2007, there are eight regional versions and a new national website, Professionals UK. There are 40,000+ UK members.

Manchester Professionals also serves as a networking service for professionals to develop new clients, contacts and referrals in Manchester. Established in 2007, there are eight regional versions and a new national website, Professionals UK. There are 40,000+ UK members.

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Our portals are designed to source the most suitable professional service for businesses and individuals in Manchester. The quality of professionals are reflected by the profile pages, displaying their expertise, experience, qualifications, testimonials and case studies.

Professionals actively contribute with meaningful and topical articles, updates and events. Weekly newsletters provide key industry updates and insights.

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Professional Services for Businesses and Individuals

Key features include:

  • Search for a comprehensive range of professional services with particular expertise
  • Read detailed profiles of individual and company professionals with expertise, testimonials qualifications and experience
  • Read articles and updates by professionals to keep abreast of the latest industry topics
  • Access listings of seminars, courses and events posted by professionals
  • Join to receive newsletters on articles and updates
  • Request a service to us directly and we will identify relevant professionals for free
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Business Networking for Professionals – Gain New Clients & Referrals

SMEs, corporates and individuals register to network and connect with professionals. Enquiries can be generated from all members and public website visitors.

Posts such as articles, updates and events are shared with the whole group and website visitors. Weekly newsletters promote useful and appropriate contents.

Connect with industry sectors and receive updates on relevant new members.

Key Features and Benefits for memberships include:

  • Receive enquiries from the public and all other members
  • Create profile pages as an individual and company
  • Connect with members without having to know them previously
  • Message all members or industry sectors on a periodic basis
  • Share posts and articles to the whole group and all visitors, not just your contacts
  • Posts can be featured in weekly newsletters
  • Receive updates on relevant new members by selecting categories of interest

Professional Sectors include:

Accountancy & Finance
Health and Medical
Employment & HR
Management & Consultancy
Marketing & PR
And many more…

Non service sectors include:

Consumer Goods
Public Sector
Retail & Services


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A network trusted by:

A network trusted by:

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