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Mediation, Management, Human resources

Mediation in the Workplace

WORKPLACE MEDIATIONMediation is a resource you can bring to your business.  It can prevent situations becoming…
Advertising, Recruitment, Social media

Social Media for todays recruitment times have changed from the…
Social media, Employment Law, GDPR Assistance

Data Protection and Social Media

Below is an email I suggest can be sent to staff reminding them of their obligations in relation to data…
Leadership, Leadership 360 Feedback

lead,leader, Leadership

Leader, Leadership or the Real Leader Nowadays, Prediction is very difficult for the future. The world would be very…
Global mindset, leadership,

Leadership and coaching

Dr Jayshan Keejoo is trained by Harvard Kennedy School, USA, in the field of Global change and Leadership and is an…
Employment & HR

Leadership- the way forward

Leadership – the new way to lead yourselfThis is the time when we need leadership and a time for leaders. Our world,…
Life coaching, Mental health, Stress Management

5 Reasons Why Modern Life Causes Stress – And What To Do...

If you’re aware that you’re living with high levels of stress, you could be putting your entire health and well-being…
Security, Absence management, Breach of Contract

Reasons for a Workplace Employee Investigation

Reasons for a Workplace Employee InvestigationA workplace investigation is conducted when there is credible information…
HR, Podcast, Recruitment, Self employed

'A Better HR Business' podcast

So a few weeks ago I teamed up with a HR Marketing Guru who approached me about a general catch up about Recruitment /…
HR, Coaching, Wellbeing, HR Consultancy

Work / Life Balance

In our modern digital world, it’s all too easy now to be available. We are connected using the latest technology pretty…
Recruiter, Recruiting, Work force planning

5 benefits to using a Recruitment Agency!

5 Benefits to using Recruitment Agencies…. One of the most effective ways for SME’s to plan for future recruitment is…
HR, Employment Law, Employers advice

Change to early May Bank Holiday 2020

Change to Early May Bank Holiday in 2020Next year’s Early May Bank Holiday is expected to be moved from the first…

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