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The New Way to Lead

Leadership – the new way to lead yourself This is the time when we need leadership and a time for leaders. Our world,…
Career Advice, Interview Advice

How to gain an interview advantage.

If you want to move house, buy a new mobile, rent a new flat, go on holiday, even live in a different country, there is…
Job Search, Career Advice, Career Mentoring

Expect the unexpected.

Everyone knows that at some stage they’ll be applying for a new job. To do that you’ll probably need a good CV, a…
Career Success, Career Mentoring

Achieving your career objective.

What do the Eiffel Tower, started in 1887, The $1000 Genome Project realised in 2014, The Longitude Prize awarded in…
Career Advice, Career Guidance, Career Mentoring

Never stop learning.

If you stop learning as you develop your career you will soon find that the career you loved has turned into the…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

What's your working environment like?

Think about your line manager, your employer, your company or organisation and then answer these eight questions. If…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

Don’t relax into career complacency.

There is a certain comfort in relaxing in the same old armchair, but it doesn’t get you very far. It’s comfortable…
Interview Advice, Interview Skills

How is your interview performance?

Some people communicate with feeling yet succinctly, concisely: they get their message across in a few well-chosen…
Career Change, Career Planning, Career Mentoring

Age is just a number.

“My age let’s me down; I’m too old.” No you’re not. Colonel Sanders was in his 70s when he launched Kentucky Fried…
Interview Advice, Interview Skills

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

When you are preparing for interviews build some of the following concepts into the words and phrases you use to…
Management, Development, Sales Enablement

Sales Leadership for Organisational Effectiveness and...

Alex has spent the last 20 years working in management and senior leadership roles across various diverse sectors that…
E learning, Development, Sales Enablement

Should I invest in Myself?

Business Strategy plays a major role in most companies, particularly in developed and mature countries. Studies show…

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