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Visa, Universities, Student Admissions

10 Reasons To Study in The United Kingdom

Studying has always been associated with adjectives like boring and tiring. However, the environment in which one…
Translation, Interpreting, Legal services

What is Court Interpreting?

An interpreter who translate information from a different language to English for the court organisation. The work…
Languages, Translation, Interpreting

Difference between Interpreting and Translating

Interpreting is a word to word translation of a spoken language. This has to be done face to face or via phone, whereas…
Law, Languages, Translation, Interpreting

The benefits of knowing more than one language

It’s a method of human communication with each other, either spoken or written. Language consists of words, that can be…
International & Languages

The benefits of a bilingual brain

It’s obvious that knowing more than one language can make certain things easier — like travelling or watching movies…
International & Languages

Why English language is important?

English is mostly used all over the world. People with a different first language can communicate with each by speaking…
International & Languages

Advantage of human translator over machine

The long-running debate of machine vs human translation refuses to go away. This is partly because technology improves…
Legal, Business, Languages, Translation

Why Translation is important for Immigrants

The process of translating words, text, paragraph into different language or one form of medium into another is…
CPR, Translatio, Schedule of, Personal Injury

Statements of Truth, Translations and witnesses in other...

The requirements of the CPR that deal with the signing of statements of truth when the witness is unable to read the…
Freight, Logistics, Exporting, Incoterms 2010

LM2EX Hints and Tips (4) - Incoterms® 2010

Using the correct Incoterm (FCA, FOB, CIF) is an essential part of any international trade contract. When goods are…
Exporting, Due Diligence, Company profiles

LM2EX Hints and Tips (2) - Selecting and Profiling...

Getting the right partner to distribute your products or services is vital if you are to succeed internationally.…
Get legal advice, Contract security

LM2EX Hints and Tips (1) - Distributor CONTRACTS

Having a lot of my time taken up in the past with optimising or rationalising channel partners (Distributors or Agents)…

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