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Update Transformational Change, product development research, Competitor Analysis, Profit Optimisation, Marketing & Branding
The Competitive Advantage of Being Stupid Herewith an article I published today on how we need to start thinking as companies to change the future trajectory of … Herewith an article I published today on how we need to start thinking as companies to change the future trajectory of our businesses
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Thomas Oosthuizen

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Exceptional hardship arguments Special Reasons to avoid a ban Totting up ban advice Disqualification from driving Driving without due care Careless Driving penalty points help Dangerous Driving Death by dangerous driving Notice of intended prosecution Failure to identify the driver Drug Driving Drink Driving Driving with excess alcohol Early return of licence Driving without insurance Permit use without insurance ADI Appeals Appeals Magistrates Court Crown Court Court advocacy Speeding motoring offences Road Traffic offences S172 Notice Motoring lawyer Motoring law solicitor Road Traffic offence solicitor Motoring Solicitor
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