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Thank you very much for visiting my profile. 

I have one simple question for you:

Is this happening in your business?
- You spend endless time and energy on your business and are not getting the results you want?
- Everyone works very hard spending long, stressful and exhausting hours at work
- You have a team of competent individuals, yet the results are not coming through
- The level of new enquiries and conversions is not what you want or expect
- You are fearful of charging too much

I help:
? Overcome stress and overwhelm by making better use of your's and your people’s time. 
? Create greater understanding and self knowledge of yourself, your team and the personality of your clients to speed up the building of rapport and the buying process.
? Identify what is your natural talent and energy, so you are able to undertake more of the tasks you do easily and effortlessly and know what to delegate. 
? You communicate your unique selling proposition better so you offer your services at a price which reflects their true value.

¥ You receive an in-depth Personality, Strengths and Success profile for you and your team. Having this knowledge is empowering. 
¥ I help you maximise your time to enjoy more freedom while increasing your impact.
¥ I help you have a clear 90-day plan to help you grow your business and also have time for family and friends to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
¥ I help you identify your unique selling proposition so you can create a flow of clients who want to use your services. 
¥ I help you and your team connect and create great rapport with your clients which makes selling easy as they will know, like and trust you.
¥ I help you identify three clear goals which fit your long term plans and turn them into a series of achievable projects

Contact me and schedule your FREE 15 minute strategy session to discuss your needs
Skype: Mediate2010


Lawyer Mediator, Trainer, Consultant and Coach


·       Business and Executive Coach

·       Business Peacemaker & Global Partner & Trainer in Talent & Wealth Dynamics,

·       Certified Train the Trainer in DiSC profiling,

·       Litigation lawyer with 25 years’ experience in own legal practice,

·       Experienced in transformative and therapeutic coaching, mentoring and mediation,

·       Experienced mediator specialising in family, workplace and commercial disputes for 20 years,

·       Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming,

·       Trainer in advanced mediation skills, specialising in communication skills and how to deal with high conflict.

Over 20 years Mediation experience in the following areas:

  • Co-habitation, Commercial Mediation, Consultation with children, Family Mediation, Prenuptual Agreement, Property & Finance, Workplace Mediation & Court referred mediation.
  • Bespoke DiSC skills & training,
  • Coaching: Divorce & Parent coaching, Business & Executive Coaching.
  • Global Partner & Trainer in both Talent & Wealtrh Dynamics


  • Coach & Business Peacemaker

    Director of Greater Manchester Mediation Limited
    2010 - Current
    Coach & Business Peacemaker

    In addition to her successful mediation practice, Bernadette works with individuals and business leaders to deliver extraordinary results.  Her passion is to make a difference in how people view themselves and communicate with each other.

    As a Business Peacemaker she is involved in helping businesses enhance the dynamics of the natural talent which already exists in a business, for the ultimate benefit of both the individuals and the business.

    Bernadette is a Global Partner and Trainer in Wealth & Talent Dynamics, a resource aimed at identifying ways of providing value consistently and sustainably by enhancing the levels of Trust, which quickly improve behaviour (leading to Revenues) and increasing the amount of Flow, which impacts bottom line results (leading to Profit).  Bernadette helps clients identify ways of building or maintaining Trust, and what keeps people in Flow doing what they naturally love to do.

    Bernadette provides individuals with both life and personal development tools, helping clients find their Flow for ultimate business and personal success.




  • Solicitor and Family Mediator

    - Current
    Bernadette was a partner in her own legal practice and specialised in mediation work since 1995. She headed a team of mediators who have joined her when she set up a separate mediation company enabling her to offer more mediation, coaching and training services. All the mediators working with Bernadette have a professional background and have specialised in family law and litigation matters and so the whole team is well equipped to deal with alternative dispute resolution in family and workplace matters.

Education History

  • Additional training

    1994 - 2015

    Bernadette is a national Supervisor and Trainer of mediators. In addition to training as a Solicitor and Professional Practice Consultant (Supervisor of Mediators)

    Bernadette has undertaken extensive therapeutic training and is a qualified coach, trained to assist individual clients and businesses to deal with conflict. Bernadette is also qualified to teach DiSC training.

    In January 2004 Bernadette had the privilege of being invited to join the European Forum Training Standards Committee in Milan, Italy. The European Forum of Family Mediation has been established for many years with the intention of standardising the training throughout the participating countries, to ensure a common standard of practice to all Family Mediators in Europe. Membership can only be achieved by satisfying the Training Committee that the requisite foundation training has been undertaken with the appropriate number of hours of mediation experience.

    In April 2015 Bernadette joined the community of Global Partners in Bali, to attend the Trainer of Trainers experience led by the Wealth Dynamics Founder Roger Hamilton.


Solicitor and Professional Practice Consultant (National Supervisor of Mediators)

Mediator since 1995 experienced in Family, Workplace and Commercial disputes

Trained to engage in Direct Consultation with Children

Executive, Business and Personal Coach.

Certified DiSC Trainer in Everything DiSC International Associate Certification

Global Partner and Trainer in Wealth & Talent Dynamics.

Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming  & Coaching




Contributing Author to “The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies without a Net”


Set up independent Mediation Company, Greater Manchester Mediation Limited



Bernadette is bi-lingual in French/English and is able to mediate in both languages.

Clubs and Associations

Family Mediation Association, Family Mediation Council,  Association of High Achievers, ADR, Law Society,Talent Dynamics, Wealth Dynamics

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