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The purpose of Opus Magnum today is to help SME owners and corporate management teams to be more agile in their business so they are better able to deal with the challenges of the unpredictable future we are facing.
Business Agility is the ability to be adaptive and to make changes quickly and efficiently. It requires an effective methodology for controlling the business at all levels.
We can’t predict the future but we can help you be better prepared for it. We have been doing this for over 30 years in various formats but it has never been more relevant and urgent.
To enable your successful engagement, we use our Blueprint for Business Programme that has been crafted over time from our years of experience. For a full description of the programme and the results we have achieved you can request a copy by sending me a message.
Opus Magnum is a business training, coaching and mentoring organisation with over 30 years’ experience and a history of successful engagements. Our clients range from small businesses to multi-national corporations.

 Opus magnum began by developing software applications for small/medium businesses. This evolved into a global corporate training business. The company remained small but served large and small clients including several Fortune 500 companies.
The company has a large inventory of business and project management training courses and workshops as well a very successful business development and transition methodology. The methodology has developed from over 30 years of practice is now called Blueprint for Business.
The Blueprint programme primarily serves large business, but we still continued to lovingly serve our small/medium businesses through workshops and implementation programmes. I am not alone in my strong belief that it is the small business owners and the young entrepreneurs that form the backbone of economic development in most countries. As part of the small business community, we represent about 98% of the functioning businesses and employ over 95% of the workforce. These numbers are similar in UK, Canada and the USA. As we emerge from the pandemic crisis of 2020, I believe the development and growth of small business will be vital to economic recovery.
Blueprint for Business provides the following benefits:
Test & Teach Your Business Processes
Role playing the business processes with the team members is an excellent way of teaching new members as well as testing your process design by trying it out I a safe environment.
Strategic Planning
The building of the Blueprint is in itself a strategic activity and may be used once as a function of a strategic planning session.
Business Growth and Change
Any decision process involving making changes or handling growth can benefit enormously from having a Blueprint as an excellent reference for reviewing current state and measuring impact of change across the organization.
Business Policy and Procedure Documents
The BUC narratives in the Blueprint are themselves policies and procedures and require very little effort to transcribe into your corporate format for these documents.
Job & Role Descriptions
With very little effort, job and role descriptions can be transcribed from the BUC narratives.
Proprietary Software Evaluation
The Blueprint provides an excellent tool for measuring a prospective software application against the business model. It will readily show how the software system will provide the required functionality.
In comparing more than one software application, the Blueprint can be used to thoroughly identify the pros and cons of each prospective application against the business requirements.
Software Development Specification
The complete Blueprint doubles as a software requirements specification and can be provided to software developers with confidence. In fact the Blueprint represent the results of what is considered to be the analysis phase of a software development project.
Process Improvement
Any activity aimed at process improvement (workshops or continuous process) will benefit immensely from having a detailed and stable Blueprint to work from.
Software system User Documentation
Most software systems are woefully short of clear documentation. The properly completed User Experience Model has proven to be excellent user documentation with little or no modification.
Modifying Existing Software Systems
If you are planning a modification of a software system, the Blueprint provides as complete “As is” model from which it is very simple to identify the areas of change.
Software Acceptance Test Scripts
If you provided the Blueprint to a software developer, The same Blueprint can be used to test a delivered system by working through the User Experience Models.
The ability to make rapid changes to the business by being able to quickly determine exactly what the scope of the impact would be for every change, large and small.
Would You Like More?
If you would like more information or more help. Here are some options for you.
Free Consultation
You can book a one hour free consultation with the author on Zoom.
Guide to facilitating your own Blueprint programme
There are two options:
1. Request a copy of the manual.
2. Take the Blueprint workshop online (or in-house if permitted)
Arrange a Blueprint workshop
Request a quote for a facilitated Blueprint workshop for your organisation online (or in-house if permitted). The sessions are facilitated by the author
Train Your IT Department
Request a quote for a training workshop for business/system analysts, business architects and software designers.

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