Shelley Fishel - MCT FLPI CDOL - COLF

"Being coached by Bernadette on a 121 basis was one of the best decisions I made this year. 
Like physical exercise the mental self-work is sometimes uncomfortable and challenging, but I would come away from our weekly sessions with a great sense of purpose and clarity as Bernadette helped me focus my mind and gave me space and ideas on how best to work on my business and life goals. 
Bernadette works in a very intuitive way supporting me when I needed support and encouraging me to have more confidence in myself and in my business skills. 
As a coach, Bernadette draws on her own depth of expertise to pass on her wisdom, knowledge and insight to help me take the next business step. 
Bernadette gave me many helpful tips and strategies which had an immediate impact to help me organise myself and deal with the tasks of running a business. She helped me recognise the importance of delegation so that I retain the tasks I love and do best and no one else can. 
Overall Bernadette has helped me be more strategic in how I approach matters with the consequences that I feel calm, in control and not firefighting. This has had a positive impact on my life and in my business and I now feel equipped to achieve and maintain a healthy work/life balance".

- June 2016 View
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Tracey Hine
Legal Secretary at Harold Stock & Co
Bernadette is an excellent Lawyer Mediator, Trainer and Coach who is keen to offer her clients a unique service, tailored to their own specific needs. Bernadette helps both clients and professionals alike, with a subtle blend of her professional and therapeutic services. Her wealth of knowledge, skills and attention to detail can save both clients and businesses valuable time and money, helping them move forward at a pace comfortable to them. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I have worked very closely with Bernadette for many years and have seen first hand her eagerness to find a better way to help clients obtain the best possible outcomes specifically for them. I admire her work ethic and professionalism and have no hesitation in highly recommending her.

- June 2016 View
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Charlotte Gallagher
Managing Director | P3 People Management Ltd | Business Growth | HR & Employment | Talent Management
Bernadette’s coaching programme has helped me identify more clearly what I want to do with my business and how I can go about achieving my goals, both personal and professional. Bernadette is extremely supportive and intuitive in the way she approaches our sessions. She is very adept at identifying my personal issues and helping me find ways of overcoming the challenges which prevent me from making the progress I want. 
On a number of occasions when I was feeling overwhelmed with some of the challenges we had in the business, Bernadette has been able to help me change my perspective and renewed my enthusiasm. Bernadette offers many useful tips and ideas which has helped me be more productive and focused on a day to day basis. Bernadette has challenged my thinking and holds me accountable to all the matters I commit to, to ensure I follow through and do not get distracted. 
I feel re-energised and enthusiastic at the end of each session, eager to apply what we have discussed. 
I would strongly recommend anyone who owns a business to use Bernadette as their business coach as her support and insights have been, and continue to be, invaluable to me.

- June 2016 View
This testimonial was successfuly verified by other source.

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