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As a member of the Business Architects Guild, I design and create new businesses and business transformations for a wide range of clients. 
I have worked with a variety of projects and industries around the world including N.A.T.O. (defence), healthcare, banking, insurance, and manufacturing. I also has a solid grounding and experience in software design and development.
I originally launched Opus Magnum to create software applications for small businesses. This was when my corporate life in oil and gas in Canada was cut short by the cancellation of all major projects due to a global energy crisis.
For the first ten years as CEO of Opus Magnum I led the design and development of apps for a broad range of small/medium businesses. From this I learned a massive amount about small/medium business operations.
During this period, it was essential to understand the business and design a solution very quickly. The outcome of this was that I developed a methodology that allowed me to capture information and record it in a language that could be shared amongst many different disciplines.
A methodology was created as an internal tool and was very successful. Not only was it extremely effective for delivering our own projects but I started to teach it to other business owners and in MBA programmes at several universities.
As CEO of Opus Magnum, I practised and taught business development, project management and system development, with a solid history of successful engagements that meet or exceed client requirements. A continuing cycle of practice, research and teaching keep all subjects fresh and up to date, and keep Opus Magnum at the leading edge of this market.
The power of the methodology spread to big corporations and I have since worked with many large clients around the world, many of them Fortune 500 companies.
I am delighted to present the accumulation of over 35 years business development experience in a straightforward methodology to help you design, structure, organize and manage your business whatever your industry, size and scope. This is called Blueprint for Business

Some of my Clients:
Large Enterprises:
“Canada One” nuclear power station  |  Oregon Judicial System  |  Commerce Bank | Government of Alberta  |  University of Alberta  |  Alberta Children’s Hospital | Macys Department Store  |  Northern Trust Investment Bank  |  Traveller’s Insurance | McCain Foods  |  Hallmark | Fedex | Michelin Tire
Small/Medium Businesses:
High Street Jeweller  |  Trucking Company  |  Pet Kennel  |  Architectural Firm | Health Club  |  Insurance Broker  |  Medical Clinic | Tool Rental Company



  • Opus Magnum

    - Current
    Opus Magnum

Education History

  • Several areas of study

    Various Schools

    Education Summary

    U. of Southampton - Architecture and Structural Engineering U. of Calgary - IT and programming languages

    Mount Royal College Calgary - Economics

    Langevin College Toronto -  Coaching and Facilitation

    University of Denver - Project Management

    Teaching Assignments:

    University of British Columbia

    University of Calgary

    Columbia University (NYC) 

Interests and Hobbies

Watercolour Painting




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