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Hi I'm Sinead and I'm a Transformational Health Coach. 



How is this different to using a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Weight Loss Consultant?



Well, I am all three, however, with any of the above, you will pay, most likely a cheap-ish rate by session and get helpt WITHIN that session. However, these professionals do not have the time nor are being paid enough to support you through your entire journey, most of the time, you won't hear from them until your next session.



This is fine if you just want to optimise a workout or you find it more motivating that you are meeting up with someone you are paying to force you to workout or you just find it more fun. Or you want some advice on nutrition and feel you can go and do it on your own.



As a transformational health coach, you pay for results, not time or sessions. You will have a step-by-step program that will give you a set focus week on week with your coach giving you the guidance and trainings the entire way, checking in with you and giving you support whenever you need it while helping you form habits that make you the TYPE  of person that keeps their results forever. 



Working with a Transformational Health Coach is an investment into yourself so you are empowered to maintain your results forever and never have to yo-yo with your weight/health or keep going back and paying a trainer or buying slimming programs for the rest of your life.

You get permanent results that have fixed the root causes of why you began gaining weight or fell below your personal standards for your health and body image. 



You will achieve your ideal physique, peak fitness and best health and attain a winner's mindset and excellent mental wellbeing and focus.



If you have high standards for yourself but are not quite meeting them in terms of your health or body image, get in touch.


  • Taylor Made Personal Training

    Head Coach
    - Current
    Taylor Made Personal Training


Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma

Personal Training Diploma

Personal Training GP Referral


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