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Hi I'm Sinead and I'm the Head Coach and owner at Taylor Made Personal Training. 

I have been a health coach since 2013, first qualifying as a nutritionist and weight coach and then a personal trainer.


My flagship 8-week program helps people to lose unwanted body fat forever, become more toned and restore the metabolism to the state of your younger self so that your body works for you rather than constantly watching your weight. The effects are permanent as you will be empowered with a solution that is sustainable for you without counting calories, spending hours and hours working out or depriving yourself of the things you love in order to stay in shape.


My program increases energy naturally, improves strength, tone, BMI and all health markers. People see improvement in sleep quality, digestion and wellbeing. 


The program makes it feel so easy to lose weight that people don't feel like they are on a weight loss program and always get surprised at the results because they don't feel like they've worked that hard to get those results. It's always wonderful to see my clients' surprise and to hear about all the benefits they get including improvements in mental health. Because of the increase in health, energy and wellbeing this has made it perfect for increasing morale and productivity.


It's a step-by-step easy to follow program with an online portal and live support from myself and the experts I have on board e.g. physio and even a chef.


When employees do the program together it creates a great sense of connection and camaraderie, increasing morale and team spirit.This is why my program is available as a corporate package.


Get in touch if you would like a free consultation either for yourself or your business.

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