I’ve been in legal administration for over 35 years – I know how things work, and appreciate the benefits of mediation as an essential tool to consider when in dispute. I can discuss its benefits to all those with a dispute, be they owner managers, SME’s, partnerships, large corporates, lawyers with clients in dispute, or accountants with “family firm” clients disputing share holding agreements, or members of the public. I can suggest which of the commercially minded, common sense mediators within North West Mediation Solutions ( NWMS) would be suitable for those seeking closure of a dispute through a facilitated agreement. If you would like your dispute resolving quickly, confidentially and at relatively (as against litigation) cost effective fee - contact me on 01254 720278 or via e-mail -


I have managed barristers chambers for over 20 years and have an appreciation of likely areas of dispute; appreciation of the cost efficiency of mediation; an ability to co-ordinate the needs of all parties in dispute and an appreciation of the qualities required of a mediator in a given situation.We offer a professional service with fees which are competitive within the area of mediation, and importantly, more than competitive when seen against the costs of litigation.
Disputes can arise in many areas and we cover the following: Civil and Commercial mediation; Employment and Workplace mediation; Neighbour disputes / boundary disputes; Shareholder disputes; Partnership disputes; Business succession problems; Defective building arguments; Debt recovery; Intellectual property; Probate / wills / estate disputes; Division of matrimonial property. Landlord and tenant disputes
The mediators within NWMS have expertise in mediating in all the above areas and you will find profiles and fee structure on our website –


  • North West Mediation Solutions

    2007 - Current
    North West Mediation Solutions
    Formed within "pwlc" to provide the same high quality services provided in my former positions, and offer to the business community and its advisors, accredited mediators to facilitate the resolution of disputes. Vastly experienced at liaising between parties to arrange the mediation.
  • peter whitman legal connections limited

    2006 - Current
    "pwlc" endeavours to maintain the contacts formed through previous experience and providing them, and members of the business community, with a conduit to create new, and enhance existing relationships.
  • 8 King Street Barristers

    Senior Clerk
    1991 - 2005
    Moving from Preston to Manchester to become Senior Clerk of this highly respected "set". Ensuring that the reputation of those chambers was maintained at it's high level by ensuring high quality work and professional support. Maintaining a strong client base by constant attention to the quality of service provided to them until retirement in 2005.
  • 14 Winckley Square Chambers Preston

    Senior Clerk
    - Current
    Helping to create a "new" set of Chambers, the first independant "set" in Preston. First Senior Clerk to the set with a brief, fulfilled, in enlarging the set, creating a client base and ensuring that both barristers and clients received a high level of service and care.

Clubs and Associations

Chairman - Manchester Claims Association; Blackburn R.U.F.C. Goodwood Road Racing Club and Lancashire Automobile Club.

Interests and Hobbies

Family; Rugby Football; Motor Racing (spectator only unfortunately); Walking; Theatre; Music, Food and Wine.

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