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Jim Gibbons, Strategic Growth Solutions Profile

I set up Strategic Growth Solutions in 2014. Based in Cheshire, the company is a business consultancy and has been built on a wealth of business experience, knowledge and history of success.

I have 40 years commercial and professional experience. Although I am running my second business, I have previously run a company on a larger scale for almost 20 years. From an owner perspective, I have the bruises as well as the trophies of business life, so I speak from a very wide bandwidth of business experience. My professional style and delivery of the support I can offer is  dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is focused on practical intervention whilst giving some consideration to the theory. In most cases, business consultants will map out what obstacles and barriers are holding you back, charge you for it and leave it at that. I am different. I get my sleeves rolled up and get stuck in. My approach is open, honest. 

Using my transferable knowledge and skills has been proven to date with the companies I have worked with and the return on their investment in my company and what I deliver. I am not a sector specific professional - I am a business specific professional and given this, there are common values that apply to any business regardless of sector.

It’s not good enough to just identify what the strategy for a business should be, it’s critical that it is executed and rolled out. I work strategically at senior management and board level and this involves developing the individuals/team skill set to deliver the best possible results and eliminate commercial damage.

To some extent, this can bring coaching & mentoring into the support delivery. I am a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and hold a Masters level qualification in Executive Coaching and Leadership.

I bring a unique mix of expertise and experience and this is where the real difference lies as I have been there and done it – and I have the bruises and trophies to show. This qualifies me to provide life coaching on a personal individual basis as well as supporting businesses in the SME/corporate landscape.

Coaching style

My style of coaching, whether that be connected with one’s personal life or related to business / career issues, is initially focused on vision, values, beliefs and perspective and how these individual qualities fit in and around your individual objectives and ambitions. As a professional coach, it is my responsibility to create trust with you and deliver support to take you through some difficult milestones and changes necessary with greater confidence and courage.

Taking you through a series of components of my workshop delivery, will help you broaden your range of beliefs and expectations in yourself and others and add value in creating structure and cooperation. Developing a fresh perspective can often unlock inner obstacles in you and in this context, I use a range of very effective tools to help you develop. Some of these include: 

> Mindset coaching
> Myers Briggs Type Indicators, MBTI
> Emotional Intelligence
> Transformational coaching


From a mindset perspective, I help you understand your internal reasoning and why you do the things you do. Limiting your beliefs will only ever lead to limiting your outcomes so focusing on behaviour and how you feel is crucial in gaining perspective. Moving outside your habitual thinking style, helps you achieve a more rounded view of a situation.


The MBTI approach focuses on our personality and the aspect of ourselves which describes how we respond to the world around us. It’s based around preferences and not right or wrong.

Emotional Intelligence

The emotional intelligence sessions help you to focus on the capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions whilst handling interpersonal relationships wisely and empathetically.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is another area that I help you with. It is transformational in nature because it focuses on the states of being, not doing, that generate actions, which either move you closer to your desired outcomes or further away. It also separates you from the interpretations you have about life in general and about the specific outcomes that are desired.

Individual Benefits

As well as being more competent, individuals will have a greater sense of value and empowerment. Levels of initiative and ownership of responsibilities will undoubtedly come from this intervention and create real self-trust and belief. It will increase individual capacity having unlocked inner obstacles in people and create a wider perspective of achievement. This will have a very positive effect on a person’s social, domestic and professional relationships

Impact on a Business

The most valuable asset a business has is its people. Once an individual realises that what they do has an impact on the company’s growth, you will have a cohesive team of people all running in the right direction. The development of the business will then benefit from people within the organisation maximising their potential within a galvanised company framework and a robust operational function.

A unique proposition for franchisors

I have specialist knowledge and experience working with franchisors. Working alongside a strategic partner, together we offer an exclusive blend of franchise development and business strategy expertise. We are in a unique position to offer you a holistic approach to your franchise opportunity. From setting up and establishing your franchise network, to expansion and exit strategies, we have over 75 years combined experience to ensure that you realise maximum value. 

With national and international franchise expertise and hands on experience, we are the best possible choice for ambitious franchisors. 

We can help in the following areas:

> Franchise feasibility testing and analysis to make the most of your franchise opportunity
> Identification and development of your franchise architecture and documentation to ensure the best possible franchisee engagement and franchise management.
> Support and advice for franchisee recruitment to achieve national coverage.

> Funding for growth to accelerate improvement in your business and franchise network
> Employment, leadership, training and mentoring because your people and franchisees are the key to business success
> Succession planning and exit strategies to realise maximum value from your franchise network


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