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Vastly experienced in Producing and Project Managing in all aspects of production. A solid background in shoots plus thorough knowledge of digital media print, 2D and 3D motion graphics visual effects and projection mapping. Accomplished knowledge of film and television production, working across a multi-media platform within broadcasting. Highly experienced in setting up shoots in the UK and Internationally. Maz has worked closely with Marketing and PR, on commericals, corporate films as well as 360 mobile installations. Very knowledgable when working on Campaigns and Branding. Maz has worked for large broadcasting companies suchas BBC, Al Jazeera (Doha and London), Turner, Red Bee Media and ITV. Also Maz has worked for creative agencies in London and Manchester.

First class prioritisation skills; managing work flow and processes to a high level; precise, analytical and accurate. A strong communicator, with a can do attitude. Keeping within budget and always finding ways of making a profit! Always understanding the client’s needs and relaying briefs and requests in a concise manner to the creative team thus delivering on time. A great believer in maintaining a very good relationship with the client and with the creative team, thereby maintaining a happy working environment.

A natural when it comes to networking and client facing meetings is always a pleasure. Media has always been an enjoyable experience and Maz has never tired of working in this ever changing industry!

Flexible in working across London and Manchester.

Also very flexible and competitive prices for the above, as each job is so completely different from the next project and will get a bespoke quote. Please do not hesitate to call on 07941 268 531 to discuss further or email on


Formally BBC trained Production Manager in television and Broadcast Assistant in Radio as well as a Researcher. Maz Lewis has approximately sixteen years of broadcasting experience. It has been the last three years that her expertise has extended to producing in digital production ie CGI/Animation, motion graphics, print and design. In both disciplines of production, Maz is able to keep her workflow in a very fluid state avoiding any bottleneck scenarios to cause delays in delivery of final project.

Currently a freelancer in Line Producing and Production Management as well as Project / Studio Managing in all digital platforms.

Maz's working background is heavily into Broadcasting Production and she is constantly updating herself by attending seminars suchas BVE in London and Manchester and the Broadast Show as well as keeping her eye on technical publications. Maz possess a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Broadcast Operations thus having an interest in the techinal aspets of production ie cameras, lighting, sound and playout.


  • MazzMo Productions

    Line Producer/Production Manager
    2000 - Current
    MazzMo Productions
    MazzMo Productions will see a production of any size from conception to final delivery. Can work across the board from commercials, promos and features. As well as this, MazzMo is able to compliment the project with motion graphics as an extra cost as she has a pool of excellent designers on her books.
  • BBC World News

    Freelance Line Producer
    100+ Employees 2013 - 2013
    Line Produced five campaigns (commericals) for BBC World News. Filmed in New York, Singapore and London the five main correspondents. Setting up all the shoots, obtaining locations and filming permits, crew, production schedules, keeping a tight reign with the budgets and ensuring that all stakeholders had regular meetings both facing as well as on skype. This was for Phase 2 'The Talent Campaign', juggling time difference when simutaenously setting up both Singapore and New York shoot.
  • Raaj Kamal Films International

    Freelance Line Producer
    100+ Employees 2013 - 2013
    Freelance for RaajKamal Films International filming back plates for an Indian version James Bond which was filmed all over the UK. This entailed finding locations and negotiating filming costs, finding specific vehicles to film for VFX to be used on green screen. Working with other prop vehicles and armourers, ensuring all necessary legal paperwork was adhered to, working very much on a last minute adhoc basis and constantly on the road working whilst in transit and planning for the next filming day.
  • The Mob Film Company

    Freelance Senior Production Manager
    6 - 20 Employees 2013 - 2013
    MazzMo Productions will see a production of any size from conception to final delivery. Can work across the board from commercials, promos and features. As well as this, MazzMo is able to compliment the project with motion graphics as an extra cost as she has a pool of execellent designers on her books.
  • The Neighbour Hood

    Freelance Senior Project Manager
    21 - 100 Employees 2012 - 2013
    Project Manage all designs and animation, 2D and 3D graphics as well as film production and web designing and commercials. A 100% full involvement from initial conception to actuallly bringing a project to life! The Neighbourhood have worked with a variety of clients which include the BBC, Sony Playstation, Lexus, Umbro, Wallpaper Magazine, Stella McCartney, Heston Blumenthal and Urban Splash. Whilst freelancing at The Neighbourhood Maz Produced with her team of designers Saucy Fish 2013 and Marisota commericals as well as setting up a 3D Phantom shoot for Corinthinia's hotel group.
  • BBC World News

    Freelance Line Producer
    100+ Employees 2012 - 2012
    Produced four campaigns for BBC News Marketing working closely with Creatives and stakeholders ensuring setup of shoots were compliant with the News team in the newsroom, television studios, radio studios and language sections. Negotiations skills played a major part when setting up variety of shoots, gaining permission for both Broadcasting House and New Broadcasting House, as well as All Souls Church for high external shots. The News campaign involved a multiude of shoots which involved steadicam, timelapse, greenscreen, stills and 360 degree stills photography. Working to tight deadlines which entailed scheduling News presenters with a limited amount of time to use the television studio and working closely with BBC News Studio/Gallery crew.
  • ITV

    Freelance Production Manager
    100+ Employees 2012 - 2012
    Set up 10 shows for May The Best House Win across the SE coast of Spain and filming within a tight turnaround and tight budget constraints. Utilising my Spanish to arrange filming permits, arranging taxis to ferry contributors from one house to the next, able to data wrangle and to ensure that all data was backed on two back up drives, arranging couriers to ensure safe delivery of hard drives arrived back to edit in London to meet deadlines with legal paperwork, ensuring that filming of copyright material and music/entertainment were documented where necessary, to constantly update the Risk Assesment form when needed as shows were filmed as actual thus unplanned events would happen! Working remotely, constantly making up callsheets, arranging accommodation for the next show, contacting contributors to obtain specific directions for remote areas and relaying back to crew, updating spends and keeping to budget, in full control of purse strings!
  • Liquid TV

    Freelance Producer
    21 - 100 Employees 2012 - 2012
    A Producer at Liquid TV a cross media company, specialising in title sequence, promos, campaigns. Working for a large range of media sectors, ie broadcasters, independent programme makers and corporate companies. Covering a broad section within the creative industries. Managing projects from initial concept from live action/animation to completion within postproduction. A vast knowledge of the different stages of postproduction from working on different formats of rushes, telecine, editing on different systems with visual and sound. Creating schedules, working closely with the creatives, as well as communicating the brief from the client back to the animators/designers. Produced on behalf of Liquid TV's TOWIE title sequence, Rhyme Rocket Title Sequence for Cbeebies, Discovery's Body Invaders eps 1 - 15 3D and 2D graphics, The National Lottery plasma screen and setting up the shoot for Paralympics for C4 who were the host broadcasters working in conjunction with Sunset and Vine.
  • BBC Sport

    Production Manager /Studio Manager
    100+ Employees 2009 - 2011
    Allocation of designers, a thorough knowledge of design packages, in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Viz 3.2, Maya to ensure that graphic requests from BBC Sport is allocated to the correct designer's abilities. BBC Sport Production Design covers bespoke designs for MOTD2, MOTD Live, Studio video wall for Football Focus, Final Score, MOTD, graphics were also made up for Sport Documentaries, Sport News, the new BBC Sport set in Salford and all ad hoc daily tasks for sport. Keeping to budget according to graphic requests, scheduling, an awareness of sporting events, good client relationship and a good external suppliers relationship. Maz Project Managed the creation and delivery of BBC Sport’s on screen graphics and branding for World Cup 2010. Working closely with BBC Sport, FIFA, DeltaTre (FIFA’s European IT and media services provider) and other broadcasters including external third party graphic suppliers. She was responsible that all graphics and branding requests were scheduled correctly for the Designers to create and deliver which was suitable for the particular job in mind. Maz also project managed the logistics of the BBC Sport's design department relocation from London to Salford. Ensuring that all graphic requests were still delivered and working at one point simultaneous both in London and Manchester maintaining a seamless delivery of graphics for outside broadcast and playout within studio.
  • Red Bee Media

    Freelance Production Manager
    100+ Employees 2008 - 2009
  • BBC - Various

    Freelance Production Manager
    2000 - 2009
    Various departments
  • Al Jazeera

    Freelance Production Manager
    100+ Employees 2006 - 2007
    Was headhunted to launch Al Jazeera English channel in Doha. Working with marketeers as well as working with the other bureaux when delivering campaigns to TX

Education History

  • Broadcasrting Operations

    Ravenbourne College of Design & Communication
    2005 - 2008

Interests and Hobbies

Maz enjoyis watching Flamenco dancing as well as dancing, she has a very strong interest in Spain and its culture as she is half Spanish. Cycling and watching art house films is another area where she like to spend her time and going to the gym.

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