MazzMo Productions is a service provider in setting up shoots, finding locations and sorting all filming permits around the UK. MazzMo has a base in Manchester and in London and is able to set up shoots remotedly without effort! Costs are kept to a minimum due to low overheads, there is a 'What you see is what you get' policy, meaning no hidden costs!

All shoots of varying size or budget will be treated to a very high standard and with a personal touch.

As an extra, if you are after any form of motion graphics Maz at MazzMo will be able to provide this form of service. Please contact Maz for further information on this service. Pre-Production
- Cost up shoots by pricing up the brief or scripts
- All pre-production searches, ie location, crew, film permits, insurance, artist (children/animals/stunts) etc.
- Attend meetings
- Work remotely
- recee places pre-shoot
- Production schedules/budgets(forecasting), all relevent paperwork ie callsheets, risk assessments etc

- Attend shoots
- Ensure that everything ie is locked down from locations/studio, artist, crew, equipment, catering etc
- Keep an eye on timings if there isn't a 1st AD then Maz will make sure that all breaks for crew and artist are taken to comply with health and safety regulations.
- Make sure that the shoot does not over run avoiding overtime rates.

- Ensure that rushes are given to the client or delivered to the post production house.
- MazzMo is able to offer a post production service if required ie for Online/beautifying the project as well as adding graphics at the clients' request.

Area of Expertise

Over sixteen years of experience in broadcasting production and the last five years in digital production ie in leading teams of motion graphic designers for large broadcasting companies as well as the independents. In both fields Maz has an extremely large contacts database and is able to produce promos, commericals and title squence to a high standard.

Maz is able to work on her own as well as leading teams of creatives in either a production sense (shoots) or project managing for animation of any nature.

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