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Founder of BeMoved Elite Performance Coaching Ltd, I hold a Masters Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology. I have been working in the field of elite performance since 2012 where I have consulted to a variety of athletes,performers and businesses. I provide client consultations in order to enhance both performance at elite level and general well being. I also have team of consultants who work with clients in order to deliver a behaviour change program which is aimed at personal transformations and  lifestyle enhancement. This program, which is grounded in elite sports psychology methods, is aimed at individuals who wish to make major life changes and is also an effecitve corporate wellness solution.

I am currently based at Staffordshire University, England, UK where I am  conducting research in the field of emotion management in performance contexts. This will eventually lead to the award of a PhD. I also instruct on the Sport & Exercise Psychology program.I am a member of the Division of Sport and Exercsie Psychology, British Psychological Society, BPS, and have recently embarked on my professional doctorate, known as stage 2 training with the society. I am also member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, AASP. Earleir this year I attended the prestigious Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, USA where I completed both the primary and advanced practica in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT).


  • BeMoved- Elite Performance Psychology

    Elite Performance Psychologist & Director
    - Current
    BeMoved- Elite Performance Psychology

Education History

  • PhD in Performance Psychology

    Staffordshire University
    2015 - 2018

    Currently under-taking research within the British Police Force in order to develop resilience. My research in centred around the use of Performance Psychology and it's application to elite perfromers. 

  • Master's Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology

    Staffordshire University
    2012 - 2014

    I explored a wide-ranging curriculum, covering subjects such as applied sport psychology techniques, group dynamics, leadership, applied research methods, skill acquisition, physical activity and mental health, stress, and resilience.

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    University of Derby

    Undergraduate degree in Psychology

Clubs and Associations

British Psychological Society

Association of Applied Sport Psychology

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