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Guidance and assistance on :Litigation / Commercial Company structure: Partnership and LLP structures: Company secretarial services: Corporate and business financing: Employment law and contracts: Business and personal insolvency issues: Insolvency recovery proposals :Corporate governance: Business sale and purchases: Acquisitions and mergers: AIM market floatations and financing: Business and corporate mentoring.


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    I have practised as a lawyer in Manchester for 25 years offering legal services to the SME market. During this time, I have worked with hundreds of businesses both successful and unsuccessful and have built up an extensive knowledge of the many pitfalls involved in running a company as well as developing an innate understanding of the elements required to make a business thrive. I have been involved with all aspects of the businesses I have advised, and have now decided to draw on my legal experiences to assist with the broader commercial activities and interests of small and medium sized enterprises. I was Director and Secretary of an AIM company and, as a shareholder, have been instrumental in taking two companies to the AIM market. I have also had involvement in corporate deals in the US, where I still have business interests. By offering my services as a commercial consultant I am free to use the legal knowledge and employ the diverse range of experience I have acquired over the last 25 years to help your organisation. Guidance and assistance on :Litigation / Commercial Company structure Partnership and LLP structures Company secretarial services Corporate and business financing Employment law and contracts Business and personal insolvency issues Insolvency recovery proposals Corporate governance Business sale and purchases Acquisitions and mergers AIM market floatations and financing Business and corporate strategy


Solicitor ( but not practicing as such ) Law degree

Interests and Hobbies

Cars and motorbikes and not getting middle aged.

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