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The difference between me and many business consultants is that I have and still do run succesful and highly profitable business's.

The most powerful thing about being a consultant is having the opportunity to be the outsider looking in. This normally means that within a very short period of time I can quickly indentify a problem, agree and help implement the solution. An added bonus to the service is that while the consultancy takes place, I coach and train the people within the business to ensure the long term success of the solution.

A good consultant will do themselves out of a job and that is exactly what I aim to do! I pride myself on never staying in a business longer than I need to, which is how all of our projects have a massive return on any investment made.

We are very commercial which means you only ever pay for what you need. If you need a day, you only pay for a day and if you need more we agree a bespoke budget that works for you.


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