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Introducing Barry Wall

"Business should be exciting and fun, consequently, I'm serious about what I do, just not neccesarily about how I do it"

As our MD, Barry is a professionally qualified, L & D specialist and organisation Development Consultant with more than 25 years' cross-sector experience in training and consultancy within the private and public arena.

Specialising in Organisational learning and development, L&D project implementation and L&D in Change, Sales Management and Leadership and development, Barry brings a strong methodical approach that is complimented by a motivational and inspiring style of engagement both anecdotal and entertaining. He couples this with the gravitas to encourage rigorous engagement amongst learners regardless of level.

This has proven successful across multiple disciplines, in the public and private sector.

Barry brings a wealth of knowledge garnered from his years as a professional.  His methodology is one of rigorous implementation of principles that aim at higher levels of cognitive engagement, known to bring results to any learning, change and development activity.

 He is familiar with multiple implementation models and adept at guiding individuals and organisations through change/implementation programs particularly in the sales/growth arena.

Since beginning his career 30 years ago, Barry has worked with clients of all sizes. Barry’s expectations of individuals are high, and he uses his extensive knowledge to provoke pro-active communication and engagement that leads to employee engagement with any development programme.


  • Polkadot Consultants Ltd

    - Current
    Polkadot Consultants Ltd

Education History

  • PGCE

    University of West of England
    1998 - 2000

    A post graduate qualification in teaching in the business envrionment, as well as the PETTLS qualification for learning within the business environment.






Microsoft Expert User

Interests and Hobbies

Barry maintains a a blog and is currently engaged in research on organisational change and the effects of digitisation, Memetics and the cultural implications of technology on organisational growth.

Barry has recently completed a white paper discussing the impact of generation Y on workplace practices.

He is actively engaged in equality and diversity work within communities

 The blog is available at


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