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30 Years Experience and Still Going Strong

We have worked in recruitment, consultancy, organisational development and learning and development for many years and together with our employees and associate trainers provide a first class service that emphasises the use of learning as a tool for your business success, that generates wealth for you.

We are based in Manchester and are now offering learning and consultancy nationwide in multiple industries and disciplines including: soft skills,  sales, recruitment and IT.

We are proud of our ethos and you can read more below about what makes us tick.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Mission

To support businesses and learners, through logical, realism based educational and developmental activities that maximise wealth generation potential and strive for excellence for our clients.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Vision

To be a provider of rigorous and challenging learning and organisational development consultancy to the business sector and as a result be a recognised, valued and respected partner for success.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Values

We are committed to creating a work environment built on respect and recognition for individual and group accomplishments that fosters the personal and professional growth of all employees and learners. Learning is at the heart of everything we do.

We value teamwork, creativity, and risk-taking. We cultivate collaborative relationships and value quality of performance, striving for excellence through competence and dedication to hard work and pride in delivering quality and value for money.

Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation.

We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best. We recognise the contributions that the diversity of backgrounds, experience, and thinking styles brings to the workplace. We offer each other support and speak respectfully of others in their absence. As colleagues, we treat each other with courtesy, and seek to resolve conflicts constructively, even when we disagree.

We provide consultancy and learning of the highest quality—to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare people for life, work, and leadership with the emphasis on honest realism and the minimisation of the dangers of oversimplification in a modern world.

We practice effective communication that is fundamental to our vision of collective success and calls for the banishment of games playing in the workplace. This is typified by honest, timely, concise, inclusive sharing of ideas, goals, programs, expectations, and rules.

We value initiative, flexibility, and openness to new ideas and technologies. In an ever-changing environment, we recognise the power of shared insight and creative thought as crucial to visionary leadership and our commitment to the work we do.

Whatever our individual roles and wherever we work at Polka Dot Consultants Ltd, we owe it to one another to uphold these value. The more we embrace these values in our daily lives, the more we create and sustain an environment of trust, co-operation, lively inquiry, and mutual understanding—and advance a commitment to education and learning, which all of us share.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Statement of Mutual Respect & Cooperation

Polkadot Consultants Ltd is committed to recognising and acknowledging the dignity of its employees. All members of the organisation are expected to regard and relate to one another within this spirit of dignity and to treat each other as they would wish to be treated. An attitude and atmosphere of mutual respect, co-operation, and consideration fosters the best work environment. Courtesy, kindness, and respect for others are part of a positive and productive working life. This includes being sensitive to the pressures, both on and off the job, that can affect a person’s performance and sense of wellbeing.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Environmental Statement of Principles

Polkadot Consultants Ltd recognises that it exists as part of interrelated communities of practice that are impacted by personal and organisational choices. We are committed to investigating and promoting awareness of the current and future impact of our conduct to foster responsibility for the environment. Polkadot Consultants Ltd strives to be a leader in responsibility for the environment by utilising ideals of sustainability into the operations of the business.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd Ethics Statement

Polkadot Consultants Ltd as an organisation is committed to upholding not only commercial, but also ethical values. As an organisation, Polkadot Consultants Ltd proudly supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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