Laura Rothenburg
Hello Peter Just wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity to be with you & the Alpha Group today, an incredible event that has been so valuable for the growth of my business. Now to start the action plans to develop systems applying the fantastic knowledge given. Laura

- Laura Rothenburg, February 2020 View
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The coaching session I had with Peter was very relaxed and hugely informative. We talked about my previous work history, where I am now, and my goals for the future.
Peter was quick to grasp my business model and as such I have learned so much in such a short space of time.
I have come away with 4 tasks to work on which are a mixture of working on myself and working on my business.
Thank you Peter.

Many thanks


- Lisa Woolnough, February 2020 View
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My first session with Peter provided the things I was hoping it would, and much more. He spent time listening to me initially, asking the hard questions and guiding me through answering them. He started a process of growth both personally and professionally that feels like a marker, a stake in the ground which I am calling, Pre Messervy and Post Messervy.

From that very first session, I starting breaking the big goals down into daily manageable tasks. But more importantly I found out truly what my goals were. What I’d need to do to achieve them, and in turn I grew a lot personally.

Having been a life long coaster, I really started losing drive and ambition because I wondered if it were for other people, and I’d get there in the end without goals; but you forget that whatever they are whether personal, financial, entrepreneurial or otherwise we all should have a dream goal, otherwise, when we pull back the arrow in the ever tightening bow-string that is life…where do we expect that arrow to land when we launch it out into the world. Without aim, you’re just crossing your fingers with closed eyes and praying for a direct hit…with planning and constant goal achievement we can not only tell when we will hit the bullseye but we are totally in control.

Thanks Peter!
Graham Bradshaw, Thirst Films

- Graham Bradshaw, February 2020 View
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“I really enjoyed Peter’s sessions He made me see that I have a lot more knowledge than I realized. I loved how he performed the exercises before assigning them to you.” Stephanie Chiocca, Northern Trust

- January 2020 View
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“In 15 years here at FPL, I believe Peter was the best instructor I’ve ever had. The combination expert and true hands-on war stories add to the real world angle. From the course evaluations to the customer service I have never been more happy. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Congratulations” Jack Lipsky, Network Operations, FPL

- January 2020 View
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“Peter was an excellent instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed him and his teaching methods. His examples were real and he was easy to understand. He was also eager to help if needed and was very good at explaining all of the material” David Long, Progressive Insurance.

- January 2020 View
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I'm a raving fan. 
I first had the opportunity to work with Peter as our organization established a business requirements methodology. Peter stepped into the effort and gave the team clear vision, active collaboration and partnership that drove results. 
I watched peter coach senior leaders to facilitate decision making at a time when critical decisions were urgently... needed. I was in awe as i learned how to better communicate this new concept to multiple audiences (different functional groups and different levels within the organization). I also remember how he could coach me and others to improve our skills through example, suggestion and demonstration. 
Also a great teacher and practitioner, our organization benefitted from his expertise. 

I'd heartily recommend Peter for his expertise and skills!

- January 2020 View
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John Cardascia
Sr. Business Systems Analyst at ieSolutions

I have been both a student and contractor of Peter's training services (at CIGNA) and his manager (at Regence). Peter did a wonderfully effective job of developing and implementing a full business requirements methodology at Regence. He was able to define and adapt an approach that accommodated the unique concerns and interests of the Regence culture but delivered high quality results. Peter also developed and delivered training on requirements development, requirements elicitation, system analysis and project management that uniformly received extremely positive reviews and results. Lastly, Peter did an outstanding job of developing his direct reports to provide valuable mentoring and coaching support for the Regence EPMO analysts. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Peter in the future.

- October 2018 View
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Ed Stahlman
Senior Business Consultant

Peter was hired to implement a methodology to capture business requirements and succeeded. The methodology was easy for the Business to understand and robust enough to adequately capture the requirements. He is also a great instructor and helped staff learn many concepts around software development and project management. Finally, he is fun to work with. I highly recommend Peter

- October 2018 View
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Alexis Bernard Communications Specialist

Peter created and delivered customized training to Technology professionals on understanding Business Requirements. He spent considerable time investigating the culture of our organization so that the training provided would be relevant and practical. Peter is an astute listener and a creative professional who is an expert in his field.

- October 2018 View
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