"I came to coaching because I’d been feeling unfulfilled by my career for a long time! I knew there was something better for me but felt unclear on how to work out what that was.

Katie and I spent several sessions going into my values and strengths, a lot more than I had anticipated, and it was highly beneficial. It brought up a lot for me on my discomfort in acknowledging strengths. Katie challenged and probed in a really effective way which allowed me to challenge myself and recognise the limiting beliefs I was holding onto.

We then had sessions discussing career options that align with my values and enable me to use my strengths. From there I was able to tackle the more practical assessment and researching of these options.

Ultimately, the experience gave me more clarity, more confidence and certainty with what I really want next in my career. And I am grateful for Katie's support in getting me to this place.

I would highly recommend Katie as a career coach. She is friendly, reliable, clear and direct - I think exactly the combination of skills and abilities needed for a good coach. I would always look forward to our conversations, it was an absolute pleasure working together."

- October 2021 View
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"I had been wanting to change sectors for some time and needed an opportunity to rethink my skill set and what I wanted from the next stage of my career. Working with Katie, at Elevate Careers, was an instrumental part of this. She was supportive, knowledgeable and most importantly for me, motivational. Through coaching, 1-1s and reworking my CV for different sectors, I was able to define what I wanted from my next role and place myself in a much stronger position to make a career shift.

I’m pleased to say that the work we undertook together soon produced results and I secured a new role in a new sector, making the shift into a organisation that I feel passionate about.

Katie was supportive throughout the process, and genuinely invested in helping me make the changes I desired. It is a competitive job market out there but having someone skilled to work with, to collaborate ideas with, who is championing you throughout the process really helps to produce results.

I highly recommend working with Katie if you have been wanting to rethink your career, change roles or sector."

- October 2021 View
This testimonial was successfuly verified by other source.

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