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I have in-depth knowledge of the EU, its legal framework, institutions and trade policy. I have developed and used this expertise over two decades. I now apply my skills to help businesses through the enduring uncertainty around the UK's EU exit, and prepare them for a new commercial environment and different relationship with the EU legal framework. My clients have included businesses in the defence, nuclear energy, financial, research, and food and drink sectors. Before setting up my own consultancy, I headed up the EU team of the Federation of Small Businesses. In that role, I lobbied on business regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, Geoblocking rules, and VAT on e- services. I was also involved in negotiations of an EU-US trade deal (formely TTIP). Finally, I worked on aviation issues in Brussels, and filled policy roles in the Netherlands and the UK.


As I have worked on EU legislation and free trade deals throughout my
career, I am able to anticipate what reasonably can and cannot be expected from the negotiations between the UK and the EU, and how specific rules may change. 


I hold a double Masters degree in Political Science and French Linguistics from the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam respectively. I have lived in The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK, and worked with several partners in other countries, including the USA.


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