Thank you for expressing an interest in my services. Conflict, stress & dispute, whether in the work place, our personnel or business lives, affect all of us and can challenge and change our behaviour in trying to find resolution. As an accredited mediator and qualified counsellor I am able to offer the opportunity for parties to explore what may seem an intransigent position or difficulty. I bring to mediation and counselling a deep understanding of how people behave when in dispute with themselves and/or others and am able to engender creative ways of how to help people reach solutions. As a non lawyer I bring to mediation an alternative approach which is truly person centred. I am able to get to the root issues quickly, how these are affecting the individuals involved and where blockages in progress may exist. As a counsellor I am able to provide a safe and non judgemental environment where people can express and explore the issues which are destructive to the way they would choose to lead their life. I have a separate mediation and counselling practice and am geographically mobile. Fees charged are competitive and flexible and I work with individuals and small, medium or large companies. I welcome telephone contact for further discussion: tel 07522 257865 or if you would prefer email


Personnel approach to mediation
I believe that the mediation process provides a “safe and confidential” opportunity for the widening and exploration of issues and interests through dialogue. My style is calm, realistic yet determined. I bring to mediation a combination of the skills of both mediation and counselling, am active listener, am creative and able to remain impartial to all participants. I believe in the process of alternative dispute resolution and am able to help the participants seek agreement through the development of wider perceptions and behavioral agreement.
My international experience deepens my understanding of the social and cultural diversity, which may produce misunderstandings and conflict, between communities and organisations working together. I speak regularly at conferences at an international & national level. I have many years of experience in a variety of counselling models and with an age range from infancy to adulthood.

“Trisha has exceptional people skills. She is able to build a trusting and effective relationship quickly, and is calm, insightful and thoughtful. I felt listened too and important to her yet she was able to create an environment where I could think of alternative solutions to the issues that seemed insurmountable". Work colleague

"Trisha has the ability to put people at ease in what can be a very difficult situation. She is a good listener, impartial and is able to summerize points concisely. The opportunity to talk face to face is very important in mediation but to be able to do this you need confidence in the mediator. I would recommend Trisha and the process of mediation to resolve work place disputes" Client in recent work place mediation.

Areas of experience:
Employment and work place disputes
NHS Patient complaints
Personnel injury
Professional negligence
Marital/family conflict and separation
Family finance/wills
Child care and custody issues
Neighbourhood, boundary and housing disputes.
Landlord and tenant disputes
Civil disputes

"Ive had counselling before but didn't find it helpful. This time was different. You treated me as an individual and didn't try to fit me into one kind of therapy. You understood the nature of my medical problem and with you I was able to unpick my anxieties and understand how they were effecting my physical health. Im now living in the here and now challenging my negative thoughts and learning to accept myself rather than change me"

"Thank you so much for your help and professionalism. My friends have told me I'm a different person but my family have said "welcome back". You've helped see thoughts and behaviours of myself, friends and family in a different way and have helped identify negative thoughts and remould them towards the positive"
Areas of experience
Stress at work and home
Domestic Violence
Ill health
Childhood issues
Visible difference


  • Conflict Solutions

    2013 - Current
    Assistent Mediator A claim against a Local Authority for delayed works and incurred expense and associated health issues. A claim against a solicitors firm regarding the mishandling of an inheritance. The distribution of business assets between former business partners. Contract dispute in relation to outstanding unpaid invoices A dispute between a charity and an outstanding professional contract and invoice Mediator Work place disputes between senior health professionals Patient claim for clinical negligence. A neighbourhood dispute involving adults and their children. Work place mediation between two managers - good outcome. Trisha has a successful private counselling practice and offers supervision to both trainee and qualified counselling practitioners. She continues to supervise counsellors working for High Peak Womens Aid on a voluntary basis.
  • Central Manchester Foundation Trust

    Consultant Nurse
    100+ Employees 2006 - 2013
    Now retired I worked as a Consultant Nurse/counsellor for a Regional specialist service. Managing difficult clinical communications, work place disputes and highly charged emotional situations were part of my remit
  • Conflict Solutions. Mediation & Counselling Services

    - Current
    Conflict Solutions. Mediation & Counselling Services
  • Conflict Solutions

    - Current
    Conflict Solutions


Master of Science, Manchester University Adv. Diploma in Nursing, Manchester University Midwife, Cardiff Dip in Health Visitor, Leeds University Adv. Diploma Counselling, Manchester University Post Graduate Certificate Clinical Supervision, Manchester University Accredited Mediator, London School of Mediation Community Mediator, Smile Mediation Services She has extensive experience in the voluntary sector, has been chairperson of a local Women’s Aid refuge, is an advisor to Changing Faces and was the first nurse to become chairperson of the Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She was given an honorary membership of the society in 2012. She was awarded an MBE for her contribution to the development of care of children and their families affected by Cleft Lip & Palate.

Clubs and Associations


Association of Northern Mediators
Clerksroom, London
Smile mediation
Directory of Counsellors
Certified Member of the British Association of Counselling Practitioners (BACP)
Craniofacial Society of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Interests and Hobbies

Dogs and Horses
Fine food

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