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I am an ex-commercial banker by profession and time served business rescue expert I only have a genuine interest in saving you and your business. As an individual I am NOT an Insolvency Practitioner and so do not in the first instance seek to put your very valued and hard-earned position as Director, Manager or Owner of your business through an insolvency process in order to 'rescue' your business. Through determination and tenacity to understand your business's fundamental issues I can get to grips with the key symptoms of your distress and then work with you to implement strategies for recovery and create the time and space you will need to get you back on track. I work very closely with clients from the outset, never judging or blaming but simply guiding and advising through difficult times. I work within a bespoke organisation of business professionals specialising in business rescue, recovery, and development. I get to the core of your business to discover where things went wrong; then recommend a course of action for recovery. I DO NOT wish to simply bury your business.

Skills & Services

Mark has intimate knowledge of businesses of all sizes, all sectors, who may be finding times tough, or simply do not know where to take their business next. Empathetic and objective, he always looks to keep your business moving forward, wherever possible. Structured in his approach to identifying fully the causes and effect of issues and strategies for future growth. A pressure relief valve for the Manager, Director or owner.

• Corporate and SME Rescue & Turnaround Strategist
• Company Debt Solutions
• Business Growth and Strategy Advisory
• Business planning
• Cash flow management and improvement
• Raising Finance
• General sales and marketing planning

Call me NOW on 07738 664359 or 03309 999 24 7




  • Business Rescue (UK) Limited

    6 - 20 Employees 2006 - Current
    Business Rescue (UK) Limited

    Business Rescue (UK) Limited
    We have been helping businesses for over 25 years.

    The team and I at Business Rescue are very committed and passionate about helping your business. We are able to give you an extensive range of bespoke solutions and advice, all from our rescue experts who are based throughout the UK.

    Business Rescue is the original and 1st emergency service for business.

     We are a bespoke organisation of business professionals specialising in business rescue, recovery and development. We are NOT insolvency practitioners. We get to the core of your business to discover where things went wrong; then recommend a course of action for recovery. We DO NOT simply wish to bury your business.


    Our Rescue, Recovery & Renewal Approach


    It is a fundamental tenet of Business Rescue not to lay blame, nor to condemn foolish, reckless or profligate actions. Most (if not all) businesses get into financial or trading difficulties, at some stage of their business life. We are, at all times sympathetic and importantly, empathetic with your plight.


    We never look down on what appears to be an abject failure of business common sense or logic, as it is rarely that simple. It's our job to listen and work with, support and resolve your business’s problems.


    By being truly objective, whilst at the same time offering you our metaphorical handkerchief, we hope we will gain your full confidence thereby enabling us to drill down to the fundamental core of the problem and offer explanations and solutions, with a prognosis as to the future potential of your business.


    We can look you in the eye and say: “We understand what you’re going through.”


    Many of our people have been in your shoes. They know what it’s like to run their own businesses, to feel the pressure, to experience difficult times and make tough decisions along the way. This experience means we can look you in the eye and say ‘we understand what you’re going through.’

    For over 25 years we’ve been helping businesses of all shapes, sizes and business sectors turn their businesses around and move forward. Some have gone on to confound all expectations and have grown into highly successful companies. Others have decided to close things down, regroup and move on to pastures new. Whatever the outcome, our experience has helped every client through the emotional roller coaster of managing a business that’s facing difficulties.


    Experienced in many market sectors, we can work with any size firm in any market sector. 


Chartered Institute of Bankers

IBD Business Advice Accredited Advisor Program

Interests and Hobbies

A film and wine and whisky aficionado in his spare time, a student of Stephen Covey's The Habits of Highly Effective People, which guides him through to simply enjoying helping business through their key issues and problems and put them on a path to sustainability and profitability. Always content to bring in specialist advisors, where necessary, to get the job done.


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