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Whether you’re a business owner or work for a company, there will come a time when you’re required to deliver a presentation.  This can be a daunting prospect particularly if you have never done any type of public speaking before.  You know your subject, you have a fantastic PowerPoint presentation ready to go but as soon as you stand in front of your audience your mouth goes dry, panic sets in and you ‘forget’ everything you wanted to say.  It’s official, you’re terrified!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to confidently stand in front of a group of people, whether it’s one or two or a room of hundreds, and deliver a knowledgeable presentation with poise and purpose.

Nerves are great, they keep you on your toes, but you can’t allow them to take over and sabotage your brilliant presentation.  Your tone of voice, your stance, your mannerisms all play a part in your presentation.  It’s not just a case of standing up and reading your PowerPoint bullet points – anyone can do that and anyone can make it really uninteresting.  The truth is that you can make your presentation much more engaging, interesting and yes, it can even be fun!

I can help you overcome your public speaking nerves and coach you in presentation skills.  I can help you stand out from the crowd and make you memorable because if you’re memorable, your company, product or service will be too. 

Let me turn your presentation skills from Raw to Refined;  and you from Terrified to Terrific.

Additionally, as the founder and host of the Ignite Business Speaker Events, we do things a bit differently.  There are many networking groups and lots of fantastic businesses helping others with workshops and education but there's nothing that really combines the two PLUS brings you international, national, TEDx speakers and local business speakers.  We are not at home to divas at Ignite but we do absolutely bring you a fantastic range of speakers and subjects, all business based.  What you don't get at Ignite is death by powerpoint (I ban it!!) and absolutely no selling from the stage.  

What you will get from an Ignite event is energised, invigorated, enthused (re-ignited in fact!!), educated, personal development, top ways to improve and grow your business, new contacts, potential new collaborations and an opportunity to showcase your business.  All our speakers spend the day at the event with delegates so everyone has access to all them.  We don't hide them away in a green room out of reach! 

Ignite events are currently online but we'll be back with 3 venue based events in 2021.


  • Graydon Ventures Ltd & IGNITE Business Speaker Events

    Managing Director; Founder of Ignite Business Speaker Events
    - Current
    Graydon Ventures Ltd & IGNITE Business Speaker Events

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