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I am a driven and creative multimedia producer with specialism in short film, documentary and campaign video production. I am well versed in working to client specifications, strict budgets and various audiences, as well as deft in all of the production process, including writing, filming, directing and editing. Nearly nine years of professional experience, as well as my commitment to my personal development, makes me confident that I possess the necessary skills and behaviours to significantly add impact in the realm of multimedia production for any organisation.


  • JC Productions

    Video Producer
    1 - 5 Employees 2014 - Current

    I have provided video production services for a number of clients, ranging from small, local clients, to nationally recognised organisations. Regardless, the demand for quality is high and is something I always aim to achieve, whilst simultaneously delivering to budget and meeting agreed deadlines.
    Communication is key in this role, to keep the client up to date with current progress, obtaining approval for any changes or suggestions. What is also highly important is gaining understanding the fundamental aspects of client businesses and organisations as well as their core values, and reflecting that in the end product.

    Projects I have been involved in include:

    ·       A number of live events, performances and shows.

    ·       Promotional and corporate videos for local businesses.

    ·       Internal cases studies and learning materials.

    ·       Multilingual video tutorials.

    ·       Digital Marketing materials for websites and social media.

    ·       Weddings.

  • Santia Consulting

    E-Learning Content Developer
    100+ Employees 2014 - 2015

    Santia Consulting (now part of Alcumus Group) is an internationally recognised provider of health and safety management solutions. My primary responsibility was to work as part of a team and process instructional designs and text content into interactive online learning modules that meet industry standards. An additional responsibility I undertook was developing video content for the Digital Marketing team providing updates from industry experts about developments in the Health and Safety sector and promote Santia’s training and services.


    In the time I was at Santia I was able to develop the following:

    · An optional voiceover feature to introduce course modules and review learning objectives.

    · An interactive sample exam question walkthrough, with voiceover from an industry expert.

    · Short videos to convey information in an effective and interesting way.

    · Storyboards for the team to collectively contribute to and work from.

    · An accredited interactive and recorded ‘Hazard Spotting’ exercise for ‘IOSH Working Safely’ course.

  • National Union of Students Wales

    Multimedia Producer
    6 - 20 Employees 2013 - 2014

    National Union of Students Wales (NUS Wales) is the largest democratic organisation in Wales, representing over a quarter of a million students from both the Higher and Further Education sectors. It is part of the wider NUS UK organisation which represents over 7 million students across the UK.


    As Multimedia Producer my primary responsibility has been creating engaging and informative content to support the campaigns and strategies of the organisation relating to matters of interest and challenges faced by students across Wales.


    During my time with NUS Wales, I:

    ·Produced a government funded series of short films on the subjects of stalking, the definition of consent, domestic abuse and challenging the victim blaming culture.

    ·Produced a 2 minute stop frame animated promotional video for NUS Wales.

    ·Filmed and edited a 8 minute documentary about the history of NUS Wales. This consisted of recording arranged interviews and constructing a concise yet informative narrative from this.

    ·Produced a short film about student hardship and the increasing cost of living.

    ·Produced a short video documenting the annual ‘Reclaim the Night’ march through Cardiff City   Centre.

    ·Provided comms support at key events and executed comms plans.

    ·Provided general technical advice, assistance and preparation for fellow colleagues.

    ·Produced a short animated video promoting the organisations Women’s Campaign.

  • WhatCulture

    21 - 100 Employees 2012 - 2014

    I was a contributor to the 'Doctor Who' page of the WhatCulture website, which is one of the most popular sections of the whole site. It was my responsibility to work with editors and pitch ideas for articles that would draw web traffic to the site.

    I have used my extensive knowledge of the subject matter to produce high quality articles, several of which have been front page features.

  • Stage One Productions

    Video Producer
    1 - 5 Employees 2011 - 2013

    Stage One Productions does live performance events across Cardiff all year round. With them I have filmed these events and produced DVDs of them for paying customers. One of the challenges of this position has been working with young children in a safe and professional way.

    In this position, I have worked with multicamera set ups and edited shows over 2 hours in length for publication.

  • Pivot Point Photography

    Video Producer
    1 - 5 Employees 2011 - 2013

    As videographer I would creatively collaborate with Photographer Steve Rees on producing behind the scenes videos documenting photo shoots and music videos. This has included shooting skaters in the Brecon Beacons, bikers on an industrial estate and filming a music video with a stretch limousine Ferrari in Birmingham.

    Working with Steve Rees I have been able to contribute creatively and most of all safely dependent on the shooting environment, to capture his vision for the end product.

  • tesco

    Customer Service Manager
    100+ Employees 2012 - 2012

    As Customer Service Manager, I was the first point of contact for new and existing customers. It was my responsibility to confidently place customer orders by locating products and customers on a database, registering new customers, selecting delivery options and taking card payments. I also had to be knowledgable about ongoing promotions and any issues that we were aware of and deal with any issues that arose in a confident and assertive manner. This would at times include diffusing tensions in problematic situations.

  • The Moore Show

    Camera Operator
    21 - 100 Employees 2011 - 2012

    In this position I was main camera operator, operating the moving camera during 'as-live' recording and co ordinating other operators. Occasionally I was invited to be Assistant Director, directing camera and gallery crew during interview segments.

    I was also able to work on some higher profile interviews with Derek Acorah and Dave Prowse, as well as interviews on more challenging subjects such as gender based violence and child abuse.

  • BBC

    Production Assistant
    100+ Employees 2011 - 2011

    As Production Assistant, it was my main responsibility to run errands for the production team and keep track of progress. One of my main tasks was to deliver and retrieve camera memory cards to and from the production base. In addition I took care of the paper work such as release forms.

  • Lime Pictures

    Production Assistant
    100+ Employees 2007 - 2007

    As Production Assistant, my main role was to run errands around the studios as and when requested, checking in talent and making cups of tea for cast and crew. I spent a day sitting in on an edit, which enabled me to gain a valuable insight into the professional practice that goes into the post production process of broadcast media.

Education History

  • Media Production

    University of Glamorgan
    2009 - 2012

    I graduated from this course with an upper second class degree in 2012. This course enabled me to learn a variety of different skills within the creative arts. This included scriptwriting, photography, digital media, film production, television production, radio drama. Included were several theory modules including TV Genres and Comedic Traditions, which allowed me to develop a greater understanding of different areas of media.


I am an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications in Premiere Pro. This certification was awarded to me in 2014.

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