1.Cheshire Premium Property Investments (CPPI) presents the opportunity to view a range of practical, well-informed, diligent and high quality niche investment opportunities available to intermediaries, via our specialist products and service provider.

2.CPPI also act as Introducer for a Research and Development tax specialist, giving growing companies invaluable opportunities to claim rebates on up to 2 years of income tax through targeted and specific claims procedures not normally driven through the traditional accountancy routes.

For more on Tax solutions or to discuss our investment products, services and remuneration packages for Agents/Introducers

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We are interested in talking to financial intermediaries with clients disillusioned by the current results of traditional investments who may wish to diversify their portfolios with our innovative products and services portfolio.
We are also interested in Introducing companies to our tax rebate specialist, with a view to saving growing business valuable revenues.

To find out more, please contact us now with a view to booking an appointment to discuss this attractive, low maintenance portfolio of alternative investment products and services directly.


Through our key product providers we present the following opportunities

Limited edition, asset-backed, non-correlated alternative investments.
Low entry levels
Guaranteed positions
SIPP/SSAS Compliant
Structured exit strategies

1. Ensuring we only work with product and service providers who procure and develop practical, well-informed and diligent investment opportunities, CPPI are able to present only the best products in the market , giving intermediaries confidence and full support when recommending this superb range of both products and services to their clients.

2. With a demonstrably tenacious mind-set, high levels of due-diligence and proactive risk management, CPPI's product providers seek to secure high value asset-backed investments, searching for quality not necessarily quantity, offering genuinely fruitful returns for our potential investment clients, whilst providing realistic marketing allowance for intermediaries.

3. CPPI's product providers research and conduct due diligence on specific investment products and services to deliver only the very best to both intermediaries and clients.

4. We want our clients and intermediaries to 'touch and feel' what they are investing in. Based on recognition and success, our providers run regular 'inspection trips' to the key investment opportunities, giving all a chance to meet the people behind these very successful products and services.

For a no obligation opportunity to discuss our products and services with an industry professional, call me on 07969301726, or email me at

In a post 2008 turbulent marketplace, many investment ‘schemes’ are on the surface very attractive to the prospective investor, however underneath offering unscrupulous Agents the opportunity to earn high commissions. This type of investment activity was to the detriment of the client and has plagued the marketplace. CPPI's product providers are they (and we) believe offering a breath of fresh air into a uncertain marketplace, and a real chance for the 'man in the street' to invest with confidence. Working closely with our partners and experts in their chosen field, our combined market knowledge and experience ensures avoiding the common pitfalls and investment issues that have up to now negatively affected the investment market.
With each selected product,our providers deliver a detailed cross section of the individual business proposition, subsequently making it easier for intermediaries to make an informed decision and provide a clear idea of where their clients are about to invest.

Call us now 0800 050 2626


  • Cheshire Premium Property Investments Ltd

    Director (Owner)
    1 - 5 Employees 2013 - Current
    Cheshire Premium Property Investments Ltd
    High quality investment products and services delivering market beating returns with superb security/ Bespoke money saving R& D tax solutions
  • Click n Order Ltd

    Managing Director
    1 - 5 Employees 2010 - 2012
    Multi channel online bar and catering supplies business delivering 12,000 products to retail and wholesale outlets via cloud based ordering facility, whilst developing on trade wholesale partnerships via key distributors.
  • Carlsberg UK Ltd

    Wholesale Account Development Manager
    100+ Employees 2007 - 2010
    Responsible for developing key relationships and driving incremental growth through targeted product category via North West regional wholesalers.
  • Halewood International

    Wholesale Account Development Manager
    100+ Employees 2003 - 2006
    Responsible for driving new business volume targets by product category via Student Union group NUSSL and NDD regional wholesale association
  • Accor Premier Vacation Club/ Gold Coast Australia

    T/O Manager
    21 - 100 Employees 2001 - 2003
    Fractional ownership proposition between hoteliers ACCOR and building developer The Becton Group. Delivering holiday ownership opportunities to internal ACCOR clients.

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