A niche investment company offering introductions via its network and product providers to a limited edition range of high quality none correlated investment products giving Guaranteed returns on investment with a clear and concise exit strategy.Our offerings are based on land,property and asset backed leisure investments, as well as innovative 'Car Park' opportunities delivering excellent and Guaranteed yields over 5 years.Post 2008 after the 'music' stopped, we were all forced to reconsider our approach to business in one form or another. The Stock Market and Banks collapse has had a profound effect on everybody.
As a former employee of Blue Chip FMCG companies 'Carlsberg UK' and 'Whitbread PLC' and after spending the previous 25 years working in and around both the brewing trade and the property markets, I watched with great interest at the changes in both industries . After taking control of my future and opting for voluntary redundancy from Carlsberg UK in 2009 I began my first and still very fruitful business Click 'n' Order Ltd. At this point I also began to look at my Savings and Pensions. Although I had been pro-active in this area, ensuring I had accumulated a reasonable Pension fund, i noticed that the Administration charges levied by the different Pension companies managing my funds were both annual and large. That coupled with disappointing performances in terms of return lead me to begin the search for better forms of investment and a better product for intermediaries to present to clients, offering Guaranteed and consistent returns rather than relying on the 'boom & Bust' mentality the stock market seemed to deliver. Although I am also a landlord of rental property and understanding of that opportunity, I liked the idea of a low maintenance version of this product. Following some horrendous experiences sitting with developers offering investments with no security whatsoever once your monies had been transferred, my search fortuitously lead me to the door of our current and much favored product providers who offer what can only be described as a true breath of fresh air in an uncertain marketplace. I am excited to present the opportunity to view these products to intermediaries and clients that are interested in genuine alternative investments as part of their portfolio of products.

Area of Expertise

Simple, discounted, low risk, low maintenance alternative investment opportunities.

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