Executive level interim for multinational plc divisions and subsidiaries and sme businesses working on behalf of major banks, VC’s and PLCs typically as an MD and FD implementing and managing strategic initiative based turnarounds, business development, process re-engineering and change management with experience in manufacturing, service, food, fmcg, packaging and distribution, chemicals, construction, waste management, automotive and leisure.
Significant international experience in US, Italy, Germany, Iran, Middle East and Africa


Exec Interim Management; Financial and Operational Turnaround; Change Management; Strategic Planning; Acquisitions and Disposals, Mergers and Integrations, Acquisitions and Disposals, Lean Management; Performance Improvement; Cost Reduction, Internatinal; Financial Management; Operational Management


  • European Consulting and Investments

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P3PM People Management
Asset Regen - Restructuring Consultancy

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