Telephone Answering Virtual Reception Call Answering Concierge Service consulting Transcription Organising Concierge Business support services
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I am a business development and sales manager for a media company and have worked in this sector for over five years.
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Sales & Business Development Marketing & Communications Strategic Account Development Business Growth programmes Business Strategy People Development People management Transformational Change Retail & Distribution
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Business Growth Business growth support Business development Business Analysis Business Planning Time Management Business profitability Team Coaching Team Development Team Growth Performance improvement Performance Management Strategic Business Planning Personal development Personal Coaching Increase Revenue Leadership development Business Change Management Change Management leadership Strategy
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Every business wants a winning online marketing strategy; for which businesses need SEO Services that is consistent, uniform, undeviating,…
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Hi, I'm Andrea, a very warm welcome to Cheshire Virtual PA Ltd. We offer a unique service to all businesses, irrelevant of sector or size,…
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With over 50 years of experience in the handling and fulfilment sector, Granby provides leading-edge marketing services to blue-chip clients,…
Expertise Accounting background in practice and industry, but have speciialised in Legal Finance and operations for 14 years
We are a team of payroll experts delivering a service with a difference and we aim to take a dynamic and individual approach to the provision of…
A highly driven and energetic Manager, born in Manchester and educated at the University of Manchester 9BSC Biochemsitry). PHD in Cardiff,…
Jeremy Sposato Founded Sposen holding in early 2014 shortly once the creation of Sposen Signature Homes. He merged his existing company J. Roberts &…
I have a proven successful track record in the hospitalty industry. Whether it be in business turnaround , new concept development , Winner of 2007…
Over 15 years experience in helping businesses, of all sizes, to get the most out of their people.Expertise Provision and support in the use of…
MD of South Lakes Lettings, an up and coming Lettings Agency in the South Cumbria area. South Lakes Lettings is a residential and commercial…
Consultancy offering a variety of support including Change Management, HR support, Leadership Training, Business Coaching,Public Speaking Training,…
Worked with a variety of sectors (multinationals & SMEs). Experience has covered the development & implementation of environmental ISO14001 / BS8555,…
We offer professional 360 degree turnkey solutions for all your retail requirements. We support retail because we are retailers and understand…
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