At Solutions with Therapy we believe that within you is everything you need to be the way you want to be.Often it is not what you do that needs to change but how you are doing it. If you cannot change the situation then changing the way you react to it can make all the difference.


Would you like to find solutions for;

Stopping smoking
Losing weight?
Being stressed?
Control the anxiety or panic feelings you may often feel?
Overcoming fear that is stopping you from living your life?

By using Hypnotherapy combined with other therapeutic techniques we can help you achieve the changes you want;

Empower you to take control of your unwanted habit.
Give you the techniques you need to help with your issues.
Getting the changes in your life that you deserve!
Gaining the confidence you need to live your life to the full.

To book for your free 30 minute consultation to discuss the changes you would like.


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Chair person for the Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists

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