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Occupational Health Occupational Health Assessment Management Referrals Ill Health Retirement Advice Sickness Absence Management Case Management of Sickness Pre-Employment Screening Health Promotion Health and wellbeing Workplace Assessments Fitness to Work Stress Management Stress Management Training Stress Awareness HAVS Assessments Asbestos Medicals OGUK Medicals Occupational Health Physician Occupational Health Nurse Occupational Health Services Occupational Health Provider Return To Work Assessments
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Training face fit testing First Aid at work First Aid Training Sickness Absence Management Drug and Alcohol Testing health surveilance Fit to Work Medicals Health Promotion Workplace Assessments Workplace Health Equality & Diversity Leadership and Management Biological Monitoring Hand Arm Vibration Management Hand Arm Vibration Testing Pre-Employment Screening Safety critical medicals
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Sickness Absence Management Health Promotion Health Surveillance Fit to Work Medicals Counselling Services Physiotherapy Telephone Consultations Occupational Health Assessment Training Workplace Stress Workplace Health Fitness Wellbeing Wellbeing Coaching Clinic Mental health Consultancy Coaching Management Referrals Fleet Car Driver Medicals Forklift Driver Medicals Driver Medicals Audiology Hearing Tests Lung Function Tests Skin Tests Weight Loss Quit Smoking staff behaviour support Stress Management drug use Spirometry Assessment Workplace Assessments Noise Assessments New Joiner Medicals Alcohol Education Cancer Awareness Health and Wellbeing Coaching
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Occupational Health Appointed Doctor Medicals Sickness Absence Management Ill Health Retirement Advice Safety critical medicals Wellbeing Health Surveillance Pre - Employment- Fitness for role Counselling Services Physiotherapy Asbestos Medicals IRR Medicals Lead Medicals Drug and Alcohol Testing
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Occupational Health Ill Health Retirement Advice Asbestos Medicals Lead Medicals Sickness Absence Management Fitness to Work Hand Arm Vibration Testing Occupational Health Physician
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Massage Pain Management Stress Depression Sports Massage Deep Tissue Massage Wellbeing Wellness Muscle Imbalances Massage Therapy
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Tel :The Calm Dawn Clinic, is a Manchester based Therapuetic Clinic that provides,Anger/Stress Management Training,Work Floor Stress Counselling,…
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I have been established at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester for over 7 years and also worked across the North West as a colonic hydrotherapist - I have…
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Can you think of a more cost effective way of managing your staff sickness and absence than to offer 'Hands On' treatment to address the reason for…
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Lung Function Tests Audiometry - hearing test HAVS Skin Surveillances - Biological Monitoring Absence management Health assessments Health & Safety Safety critical medicals Counselling Pre - Employment- Drug and Alcohol Testing Health and wellbeing
I set up Posture Matters in London, January 2005 with the intention of helping people take responsibility for their own health and well being. Using…
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A stress management provider supplying services to the public, private and charitable sectors. A motivated workforce is a profitable cost benefit to…
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Health Promotion Workplace Assessments Health and wellbeing Case Management of Sickness Occupational Health Assessment Stress Management Health Surveillance Sickness Absence Management Pre - Employment- Ill Health Retirement Advice COSHH/HSE Regulation Medicals
Employee Benefits Employee Assistance Programmes Wellbeing at work Health & wellbeing Financial Wellbeing Legal Advice employee absence. Mental Health Training Mental health awareness Occupational health at work Occupational Health Assessment mental health coaching App Development Wellbeing Workshops resilience training
Qualifed Occuaptional Health Nurse providing Health Promotion days, Pre-employment screening,sickness& abscence meetings. Stress Management…
I am the owner of Physioclinicplus based in Didsbury. Illness and injury account for approximately 29 million days of sickness absence per year in…
This is a professional service aimed at people who need a tailor made fitness programme to help them acheive their goals. Whatever your needs be it…
Sickness Absence Management Wellbeing Health Surveillance Pre - Employment- Fit to Work Medicals Appointed Doctor Medicals Ill Health Retirement Advice Counselling Services Physiotherapy Working at height IRR Medicals Audiometry - hearing test Drug and Alcohol Testing Occupational Health Driver Medicals Lead Medicals HAVS asbestos IRR
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