Too communicate effectively, efficiently with colleagues both in the UK and Spain.
Implementing company protocols, systems and brand guidelines. Ensuring all team members are fully aware and compliant with the protocols and procedures necessary for their roles and leading by example. Supplying any additional training that staff may require in order for them to fulfill their roles effectively. Training employees in company software and reporting protocols. To ensure there is an accurate, clear and timely flow of information to head office and between colleagues.
Overseeing and managing the setting up of each new practice.
Co-ordinating services, suppliers and engineers, making sure each is delivered on time, on budget and on brand.
To assist with the recruitment of Clinical and Administrative staff and overseeing appraisals and professional training plan.


Cosmetic treatments including:- Veneers, crowns, bridgework, teeth whitening, periodontics, implants, bone grafting procedures,composite fillings.
General Dentistry:- Scale and Polishes, Extractions, Surgical Extractions,Root Canal Treatments.
With our own laboratory we can custom make your, dentures, mouth/night guards.

Emergency appointments always available.

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