Give your employees discounted treatment and receive free treatment for yourself or family member.

Give your employees discounted treatment and…

Unidental Stockport are offering you FREE dental treatment and discouted treatment for your employees. 


Right in the heart of stockport is our high quality dentl practice.  Our very first Unidental in the UK, our aim is to offer private dentistry to all!  We are located on 10 Vernon Street Stockport Cheshire SK1 1TY. 

Join the most advanced dental technology clinic with the widest experience in private dentistry. 

We provide the needs and solutions for the entire work force, the most comprehensive treatments at already affordable rices and added to that we could offer your staff as much as 10% off their treatment!  Amazingly this discount wold run in conjunction with any other offers we might have.  For example our latest offer is 30% off all treatment.  That could give your staff an outstanding 40% discount!


We offer same day emergency appointments, right on your door ste, minimising cruical time away from work.  Employees often are unaware that unlike choosing a Doctor they do not have yo choose a Dentist near their homes.  Making Unidental the ideal location and the best solution for your workforce.

Our dentists can offer treatments that cover all areas of cosmetic dentistry, including Restorative Dentiistry, Implants, Endodontics, Periodontics and Orthodontics.

Unidental Stockport provides a friendly and professional dentistry service that gives you the smile you've always wanted.  Our new surgery offers the newest innovations in dentistry, so you are guaranteed the very best treatment. 

What do you have to do to receive free treatment?  You would need to simply register yourself and company or business. 

For more information and an application pack, please call me Tracie, ersonally on 07834521272 or email tracie.jones@unidental.co.uk

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 


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