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I am a specialist Vocal coach, trainer and teacher (voice and speech).  I am also a professional actor, working in theatre and TV;  so I am able to combine all my skills, training and experience in both fields for the benefit of my clients.  This makes PhoenixVoice unique in the marketplace. 

I provide training for businesses on a full or half-day basis, to suit your requirements, and one to one coaching.

Unlike other presentation skills or public speaking trainers, I specialise in  detailed, specific vocal, physical and breath technique which is based in an understanding of how the voice works anatomically.  I am highly skilled in diagnosing individual vocal issues and providing solutions and practical exercises to achieve excellent results.  I specialise in how to get maximum benefit from the words you choose, from intonation, pitch, pace, range, from understanding the effects that making different delivery choices can have on the audience. 

I also teach the techniques used by professional actors, to enhance and ensure a great performance every time. 

Consequently, the work I do on improving confidence and clarity is all based in practical technique which can be learnt and developed. 

Area of Expertise

Voice/vocal coaching, improving speaking skills and confidence in your own voice. Techniques to overcome the effects of nerves on the voice.  How to develop a clear, full, rounded tone.  Projection (voice carrying in a large space or over other noise) without pushing or damaging it.  Clarity of diction - ensuring you are heard and understood immediately and 100%. Softening strong accents without losing identity, to achieve easier, more effective communication.  Techniques to engage the audience;  dynamism, energy, focus, range, pitch, pace.  Using the sounds of vowels and consonants to best effect.  How and why the voice works as it does, how to avoid vocal damage and maintain good vocal health.

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