• accent reduction
  • accent coaching
  • Presentation skills coaching
  • Confidence
  • elocution
  • diction
  • accent softening
  • Soft skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Speaking Confidence
  • Speaking
  • Speaking In Public
  • voice training
  • speech training
  • articulation
  • Neutral English
  • Received Pronunciation (RP)
  • Telephone skills
  • Actor
  • Actor training
  • Acting skills
  • Voice skills for lawyers
  • Voice skills for teachers
  • Voice skills for business
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective impact
  • Breath management
  • Body language and posture
  • overcoming nerves
  • Person to person skills
  • communication
  • Working with text or script
  • Voice Coaching


I have been working as a voice and speech coach since 2006 and am also a professional actor with over 30 years experience. I train people to speak clearly, with confidence, to overcome the effects of nerves on the voice, how to project in a larger space, how to make an accent more neutral (accent softening/reduction). I improve presentation skills, interview skills, face to face meetings, telephone skills, public speaking, team leading, addressing small or large groups. Working with text or script: how to get it 'off the page' and engage your audience, learning text effectively, sightreading skills. How to get your audience's interest, how to sound dynamic, captivating, how to be the person people want to focus on. I combine my skills, training and experience to provide a unique service for my clients. I don't just teach it, I practice it myself.



Vocal/voice coaching, improving confidence, speaking clearly/clarity of diction (to be heard and understood in any accent), articulation and elocution skills, Neutral English, Received Pronunciation (RP), accent softening/reduction, understanding how the voice works, breath management (breath control), the effects of posture on the voice, the power of body language, overcoming the effects of nerves on the voice. Recognising and changing natural bad habits: speaking too quickly, stumbling, muttering, mumbling, monotonous tone, thin, shaky tone, overly harsh tone, repeated err's and um's, over-breathing, hyperventilating, poor projection, reducing nasality, reducing breathy, weak tone, developing strong, flexible, resonant and free voice. Voice teacher, Voice tutor, voice coach, vocal coach: I hope you find what you're looking for in these two boxes, but if there's something relevant that I've missed, do contact me!


  • Phoenix Voice

    Voice and Speech coach m: 07931 507257 e:
    2015 - Current
    Phoenix Voice

    Since June 2013:

    Voice coaching/training for business people; yourself and/or your workforce; anyone who wishes to increase confidence, clarity or communication skills for public speaking, presentations, pitches, interviews, staff management, meetings.    Private one to one  clients  include solicitors, lawyers, court expert witness, local government officials, councillors, GPs,  teachers, trainee teachers, accountants, telesales workers and team leaders, project leaders.  In-house training provider includes  Global Renewables Leyland, TopQuote Ltd Manchester, E-vate Ltd, Endress Hauser, North West schools, Tangible Branding, 350 Investment Partners.  

  • Liverpool Theatre School

    Voice tutor, Acting tutor, Singing tutor
    21 - 100 Employees 2011 - 2014

     I created and ran a 3 year voice training programme for students training for a career in theatre and performance. This included vocal technique and accents.    I provided actor training, audition preparation, one to one singing and interpretation.

  • Salford University

    Guest Vocal tutor
    21 - 100 Employees 2013 - 2018

    I am an invited degree level tutor, providing Voice, Text and Body  part of  the Autumn term block in Performance and Media Studies curriculum. 

  • ALRA North

    Voice tutor, RP and articulation
    21 - 100 Employees 2012 - 2015

    Guest voice tutor, specialising in Received Pronunciation (RP) and articulation for trainee actors to degree level. 

  • Arden School of Theatre

    Voice tutor, Acting tutor
    100+ Employees 2006 - 2010

    Permanent staff then short term contracted, as voice tutor and acting tutor.  Responsible for healthy vocal development to degree level for trainee actors, including safe projection, voice qualities, articulation, accents. 

Education History

  • BA Honours Degree in Drama

    University of Manchester
    1986 - 1989


BA Hons degree in Drama (Manchester University 1989) Estill Level 3 ((Advanced Figures and Voice Qualities) Recognised technique based in physiology. City and Guilds PETTLS Level 3.  Grade 8 Voice (with distinction)

Clubs and Associations

Equity member, Spotlight member, British Voice Association member, Manchester Professionals, EdFirst (sole provider for NorthWest voice coach/public speaking skills)

Interests and Hobbies

I teach singing on a private one to one basis; my clients include people who just want to sing for fun, those who believe they can't sing and want to gain confidence, those who wish to improve, those who are seeking a potential career. I am a singer myself and also a musician: piano, flute, piccolo and sax are my main instruments. I have spent several years as an acting teacher and enjoy training people in audition work, amateur theatre roles and preparation for  drama courses. I also enjoy cinema and theatre, film and TV. 

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