Do you suffer with cravings or lack of interest in most foods?

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Do you suffer with cravings or lack of interest…

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Do you suffer from any of the issues from list one and any from list 2?
If you suffer from at least ONE from list 1 and AT LEAST one from list 2, then I can help you:

Excessive Hunger
Emotional eating (includes from boredom)
Lack of appetite
Interest in limited foods
Dependence on caffeine or stimulants

Excess body fat
Slow metabolism
Digestive issues e.g bloating, flatulence, constipation, loose stools or IBS
Allergies including hay fever
Stuffy nose
Excess ear wax production
Runny nose
Dry skin
Spot breakouts
Compromised immune system (more than one cold or flu per year)
Low energy
Lack of motivation
Difficulty concentrating
Light headedness
Low moods including depression
Panic attacks
Cold extremities
Sleep problems
High stress levels
Elevated resting heart rate
Heart palpitations
Above normal blood pressure
Joint stiffness or pain
Cold sores
Conjunctivitis or eye infections
Lack of mental clarity
Lack of muscle tone
Loss of muscle strength
Low Libido
Menstrual problems
Menopausal symptoms considered above normal
Dull hair (dry or oily)
Weak nails
White spots on nails

Do you believe this is just something you should accept you have to live with or would you like a permanent solution? #wellness #health #sleep #energy #help
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Hi I'm Sinead and I'm a Transformational Health Coach.

How is this different to using a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Weight Loss Consultant?


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