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Summary: Expertise Totility is a specialist telecoms consultancy and provider offering business customer's expertise in specifying, sourcing and implementing…

Camilla Horner PMGC - Business Development Executive Telecommunications Company Size: 21 - 100 Employees

Summary: I have worked within the telecommunications industry for the past 5 years. From the very beginning I have specialised in working with businesses to…

Jason Owen Ecos Energy UK Ltd - Director Telecom Consultant Company Size: 1 - 5 Employees

Summary: ECOS ENERGY UK is a licensed independent broker for commercial utilities and telecom’s, domestic energy savings and renewable energy solutions. Able…

Summary: Exponential-e is the the UKs leading Next Generation Networks Provider. Our pioneering model, known as our Service Creation Platform allows delivery…

Richard Edwards Hired Help PA - Business Development Telecommunications Company Size: 21 - 100 Employees
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