For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with high levels of anxiety that would come on without warning and could last for days. I have tried other forms of therapy and always found it very difficult, and at times uncomfortable, when expressing my feelings and trying to explain my anxiety. During my sessions with Ruth, she was incredibly warm and welcoming, which made opening-up and discussing how I felt a very positive experience. I did not understand my daily triggers and therefore had no grasp of how to manage them. Ruth helped me investigate and pinpoint my triggers. She then gave me the tools I needed to better manage them. I’m a so pleased with the journey and feel lighter and more in control than I ever thought possible. Even my close friends, who did not know I was doing this therapy, have commented on the positive change they see in me. And, the ease of being able to do it over a video call from the comforts of my own home made the experience even that much better. Thank you, Ruth!
J.M. , Human Resource Manager

- October 2020 View
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