I’ve been working with Mark since midway through 2019, and the difference he’s made to both my thinking, and the strategic direction of our business, has been game-changing. What I love most is that Mark is totally in touch with the latest ideas in business positioning and marketing, and is helpful in an entirely pragmatic and down-to-earth way. I know I can rely on him to challenge my assumptions and help me get to where I need to be in my thinking, in a way that is always focused on bottom-line outcomes. We wouldn’t be where we are now without his input.
Cat - Managing Partner

- January 2020 View
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"Mark has challenged my working, he has forced me to look at the Important Non Urgent Stuff which I had put to one side. He is my cheerleader, always has my back (very encouraging when you are self-employed). He challenges me. Points out areas I have never considered before. Is honest. I prided myself on my discipline, but I realised it was to do the stuff that my clients wanted but not to grown my business. This year I have a vision of where my business is going. I am positive, optimistic and excited about where it is going. I’m on course for 10x revenue from my first year working with Mark." Lisa - Business Owner

- May 2019 View
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