Mark Elliott 's Testimonial

One of the most important things that Mark enabled me to do was to cope with the pandemic. I have some very good tools, and one of them was to really focus on myself. As a coach always giving out, I had lost the art of actually What do I need? What am I going to do? How am I going to do with stuff? Mark's amazing coaching really helped me process the pandemic and is still helping me now work out how the new vision I have of my personal and professional life will carry forward post-pandemic. is my passion. It's something I want to grow into a bigger enterprise. My coaching with Mark has enabled me to have the concrete vision of how that is possible. So as well as helping with personal tools about how I structure in my life, Mark manages to combine that with some very hard hitting, factual theory of change exercises. He challenged me throughout the whole of the seven weeks and made me realise that some of my ideas were not possible, but quite a few of them had brilliant potential. That's where I am now.

I would recommend coaching with Mark to anyone because he's not only a very professional person. He's a very caring, intelligent and incredibly patient, and challenging or challenges me individually.

- June 2020
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