"I was recommended (Great Minds Clinic) by a relative who had treatment from Debbie, as I was not in a great place at the time. After 6 sessions I feel a lot more positive about things, I am feeling overall a lot happier, and I find I am looking at things in a different way now. It feels like I can start a new chapter going forwards" Abbie, Cheadle

"I now have strategies I can implement and a better perspective on the problem. Debbie has a very relaxed easy going manner, she puts you at ease and works with you to help with the problem, thanks Debbie". Martin, Altrincham

Thank you Debbie, in a few weeks I feel like a different, better version of myself. The solution focused approach is such a positive way to overcome problems, problems I have had for years. I can't thank you enough for guiding me through and changing my outlook and relationship with food. I am lighter mentally and physically. I have lost weight, I feel in control of my life, I am taking responsibility for my own actions, and I have a healthy relationship with food" Jane, Timperley

"I have found working with Debbie to be a really positive experience, which I would recommend to anyone. Within a very short space of time I feel I have overcome a lifelong negative relationship with food, and I am now in control. Thank you Debbie" Kate, Timperley

"I can't thank Debbie enough for her coaching/therapy over the last few weeks. I now feel I have the extra confidence to perform at my maximum level to meet the big challenges I have over the next few months. I highly recommend Debbie's Great Minds Clinic. Thanks Debbie" Garry, Stockport

"I have had problems with confidence for most of my life. My great passion is ballroom dancing but the lack of confidence was hugely affecting my performance, so I decided to do something about it. I found Great Minds Clinic on the internet and the reviews were very positive, so I booked an appointment with Debbie Daltrey and I'm so glad I did. Debbie has changed my life in every way. I am a happier, confident and totally relaxed person, enjoying life. I cannot thank Debbie enough. I would not hesitate to recommend hypnotherapy and Debbie as a means to overcome, in a positive way, any of life''s challenges." Moira, Urmston

"For a person who has battled with anxieties since being a child, I now feel happy and relaxed everyday, and life is just fabulous. Thank you Debbie at Great Minds Clinic !" Lauren, Irlam

"Debbie helped my daughter with her confidence ahead of her mock exams and tailored a coaching programme to get her mind in the right place. She was great at connecting with Brianna and has taught her some skills she will remember for the rest of her life" Jason, Irlam

"By using the Emotional Freedom Techniques that Debbie showed me, I saw immediate and very effective results that I wouldn't have believed if anybody had described them to me. I now have a much more positive outlook on life, and my previous fears and anxieties seen trivial. I also had an addiction to chocolate and crisps, but I've not wanted any for over a month now !" Rob, Warrington

"I've never tried hypnotherapy before. I was sceptical. I'm a practical, down to earth person, and I considered it to be in the realms of hocus-pocus. I was wrong. It's given me what I can only describe as 'concrete lifelines'. I have learned positive thinking techniques which, along with the goal-setting work we did, and the talking, has helped me to feel much more confident in myself" Anna, Timperley

"Having suffered with anxiety for 14 years, after my visits with Debbie I feel so much better and enjoying life much more. The devil on my back has lost his grip on me" Tony, Salford

"My visits (to Great Minds Clinic) have been a great experience for me in finally tackling a long life addiction to sugar. I would describe the process as empowering and calming which leaves you feeling that anything is possible and for someone who has tried "everything" this was the one that finally worked for me. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family." Helen, Hale

"I had never considered hypnotherapy previously and found the whole experience totally uplifting. I came to Debbie seeking confidence and clarity in life direction. I found the sessions I had greatly helped in giving me direction and motivation for life as Debbie was a good listener and understood my concerns. I never would have thought hypnotherapy could have such a
profound effect, it has opened my eyes to a new and positive outlook on life and I feel so much better and brighter as a result. I would definately recommend." Gemma, Knutsford

"I found the treatment provided by Debbie to be very beneficial. She helped me to understand the reasons for why I behave in a certain way and gave me strategies to use to help me modify my behaviour. I became calmer, more rational and happier as a result of my sessions"

- November 2016 View
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