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Clare & Mario D said about Business Rescue UK
My husband & I are owners of a small Italian restaurant, in a small East Lancashire Town. When we were first introduced to Mark, we had been experiencing business trouble over a number of years & were already in an IVA, which we were struggling to pay. As a result of this, we also had post-IVA debt, owing mainly to HMRC. At this point we were advised by all involved to go down the route of bankruptcy, as this was our only option. Mark Reece was the first person to say that this should be the last option. On a brief look at the business, he believed it was still viable & that we should keep on fighting. He was the only person to offer any line of hope. Since his involvement, we have made arrangements to pay back the current debt & the IVA has been varied to reduced payments by half! This was no small task by Mark, as the IVA practitioners were very reluctant & HMRC were initially against the idea totally. It was only through his hard work & tenacity that Mark made this possible. We could not have done this without him. Mark has always conducted himself very professionally but also made himself very approachable. He has always managed to set our minds at ease when we faced any difficulties or obstacles. He has helped us focus more on the business & bring us up to date with policies & procedures. He is always at the end of the phone to answer any questions, queries or troubles we may have. In fact, even when he was on holiday he was taking our calls. As a result of Mark's involvement in our business, we are more focused, more excited about the future & trade has already begun to increase. We are not there yet, but for the first time in years, we both feel that we actually have a future & a bright one at that. We would highly recommend Mark to anyone needing the same kind of help with their business.

- Clare Di Michele, August 2017
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