Colin Bell's Testimonial

"We first contacted Colin in June 2017. We were sceptical on 2 levels. Firstly we were not convinced that sports psychology could work and secondly if it did, we felt our son would be resistant to the techniques.

Our son is only nine years old but is already an accomplished sportsman, taking part in national and international level competition. Our son’s ability is not in doubt; his problem was that he was unable to deal with the nerves associated with competition and this impacted adversely on his results. As parents, we would have been happy if he gave up competition but he was desperate to continue with the sport he loves.

We first spoke to Colin as he had been recommended to us as a person who could chat to my son and help him cope with his nerves. We heard he had helped other young athletes. Colin spent 5-6 one hour sessions with our son. They spoke about nerves and how best to deal with them. Colin’s approach is kind, friendly and professional. Colin engaged brilliantly with our son.

It is early days but with Colin’s help, "it seems our son is starting to cope with his nerves and is starting to compete at a level consistent with his ability. Our son is a happy boy and is enjoying his sport once again. Colin has worked wonders!"

Iain Criddle

- October 2017
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