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From initially a sole consultancy in Occupational Health I am now the lead occupational physician at Organisational HealthCare Ltd providing a range of services to a variety of clients.

 We have wide experience in providing Occupational Health care and Wellbeing Services, working especially in high-tech and other manufacturing but also professional services, utilities, construction and defence. We also have experience also in the public sector, military and utilities.


As the lead Consultant Occupational Physician for Organisational Healthcare Ltd I oversee providing a comprehensive, tailored and flexible Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services:

  • Reducing health related risks and ensuring compliance by Health Surveillance programs, for example the management of risks associated with composite manufacturing, high technology machining, isocyanate paint spraying etc. In addition hand arm vibration health surveillance and consultant assessments.
  • Support in the management of attendance and performance through sickness absence support and advice to management.
  • Occupational Health and Wellbeing Consulting.
  • Occupational Healthcare delivery in the workplace, including well-being programmes to maintain and enhance the health and engagement of all employees.
  • Fitness for work assessment for drivers, those in safety critical roles, working at heights etc.
  • Special interests in mental health, stress and wellbeing, employee engagement and health.
  • Appointed Doctor for: Ionising Radiation Regulations, Lead medicals, Licensed Asbestos medicals, COSHH medicals.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with providing a value added service for your business.


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  • Organisational Healthcare Ltd

    Consultant Occupational Physician, Director
    6 - 20 Employees 2010 - Current
    Organisational Healthcare Ltd

    Managing Director of the occupational health service. Consultant director of clinical services

  • BAE Systems

    Consultant Occupational Physician
    100+ Employees 2007 - 2016

    Clinical duties, including assessment of fitness for work ( eg specific roles such as drivers, firemen, riggers etc ) and assessment of disability, including those off work on account of sickness.

    Support to employees travelling abroad regarding fitness and requirements for vaccination etc.

    Health surveillance including skin and respiratory sensitisation, noise, vibration.

    Appointed Doctor for the Ionising Radiation Regulations.

    HR Managers and Management support and advice in sickness absence and rehabilitation and advice to the pension trustees in cases of potential ill-health retirement.


    Developed a strategy for the Occupational Health Service and supported the development of a comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Program

    Occupational Health guidance for the assessment of drivers and fire-fighters, work in confined spaces, hazardous substances health surveillance etc,

    Design and implementation of the health surveillance programs for isocyanates ( including biological monitoring ) and metal-working fluids

    Member of the Business Continuity Group ( Pandemic Flu )

    Company stress policy working group member.

  • Dr Mawson & Partners

    General Practitioner and P/T Occupational Health Physician
    21 - 100 Employees 1987 - 2006

    Whilst a partner in general practice providing comprehensive primary care in a large practice I also undertook part-time occupational health work to a variety of clients. In particular the utility industry, Army Navy and Air Force and several OH provider groups

Education History

  • Medicine

    Leeds University
    1978 - 1983
  • Occupational Health

    Manchester University
    2007 - 2010

    Research study in the measurement of mental ill-health in the occupational setting



Clubs and Associations

Society of Occupational Medicine - Honorary Secretary, Trustee

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