As Commercial and Referrals Director at Vital Insurance Services I deal with a lot of different businesses, from a huge range of industries. 

Our aim is to work with as many small, local businesses as possible in Lancashire, in order to increase revenue and provide protection across a whole network of referral partners. I see my role as critical to our business in increasing market share, producing results and growing as a social business. We see mortgage advisors and IFA's not as competitors, but as an opportunity to refer business.

We take our social responsibility seriously. We work with charities, offering a commission for their coffers on any policies they can instigate, whether from their back book of donators or from a new marketing run. Finding donators is much easier when people don't have to donate themselves, but can actually save on their monthly life insurance premium whilst someone else does the donating!


Years in marketing, article writing and blogging, for businesses of all sizes, working across many industries for national media agencies. 

As founding company director, I started Vital Insurance Services initially as a lead generation service to existing local brokers. As we've grown my Partner IFA Richard Wilkinson came on board and we joined the Pure Protection Network to gain their high level of support, client care and excellent product range. 

As administrator for a multinational company, working for and with many companies in admin and accounts support. (I set out as a temp, crossing into every industry you can think of, examining their working practises and which companies succeeded in positive atmosphere, positive relations and inevitable increaesed revenue).

Working creating new markets and B2B sales in thermoplastics. 



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