"I am the best in the North West"

I am a Life and Business Coach.

I help individuals/businesses via the telephone to make great decisions. I help you sort the problems out.
I teach you "how" to handle the problem or the worry. I empower you to remove it!

If you are a business and have several people employed, who would benefit from my services, I can offer a coaching surgery at your premises!

Where the situation demands it - I can visit you - or come to your business.

If you are looking for someone really special - not your `ordinary' Coach - but someone who really understands people and their issues.....ring me now!

Free 30 minute consultation prior to engagement....What can you lose by enquiring?

Contact Details:
Tel: 01253 891157
Mob: 07960011580


What experiences can I share?

Improving Sales:
A Sales Executive – worked for a well known financial company. He asked for some telephone coaching to increase his sales figures.
At the time he was 82nd in the company. He is now 2nd in the company for sales.

Losing Weight:
I was contacted by a 35 year old Civil Servant who needed to lose weight.
5 months later - we decided she could manage her life well on her own, she had at that time, achieved a weight loss of 3 stone.

Confidence and Self-Esteem:
Asked a rather quiet woman. `Oh how do I become more confident?’
I replied…`Well primarily I believe in myself’

Public Speaking:
Public speaking is something that I very much enjoy - and have spoken at international level.

H. R. People:
Perhaps you have someone in your organisation, who can't express himself/herself well in company. That is someone I can help...
I organise/sort/ allow/help people to re-create themselves.....that's what my coaching is about.

These are examples of the type of work I have done, but each person/business is so different and I am confident, I can help any person/business, that wants to improve or change!

One of the main features of my coaching is, I don't `faff about' or waste your time.....


  • 21st Century Woman

    2001 - Current

Education History

  • HNC Public Administration

    University of Central Lancashire
    1989 - 1991
    To gain a higher and greater understanding of how Local Government works.


Life and Business Coaching Diploma - Distinction 2001 NLP [Pract] Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma 2002 Cordon Vert Diploma - 1987 - Vegetarian cook and demonstrator.

Clubs and Associations

The Breck Club. On the Faculty of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

Interests and Hobbies

Helping people to have a great life & find their happiness.

Walking dogs - Badminton

Particularly interested in Tai Chi and Qi Chung.

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