Reducing the costs of Merchant Card Payment processing fees. Specialising in negotiating the best rates for your business. Leave us to reduce costs to your business without compromising on the standards you expect of the card payment provider.

Allow us to show you how much we can save you whilst you concentrate on you business. IMS do all the sourcing, negotiating, and paperwork, whilst explaining and simplifying to you the cost savings to your business.

Usually there is no charge to the merchant for our services although occasionally on larger projects we may take a small percentage of the cost savings.

From understanding the clients needs, sourcing the most suitable provider and most competitive rates to the tedium of reading the small print.

Our experiences in this industry highlight how banks can sometimes charge excessive percentages on every card transaction put through your chip and pin terminals and online payments.

From the sneaky exit penalties, the small print of long term contracts, to the tedium of the complicated application forms. Its a hassle free service with absolutely no downside to your business

After we have evaluated your situation, we will stand by our recommendations throughout the contract and are on hand to help resolve issues should they occur during the contract. I can be contacted on 0161 615 8187.


Simply reducing costs that you wouldnt notice in Merchants card processing Fees by sourcing the best market rates and saving £1000's to businesses across the UK.


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Clubs and Associations

Player Manager for an amateur Football club in the Lancashire Amateur League (Old Boltonians AFC)and a passive Bolton Wanderers supporter.

Interests and Hobbies

Bringing up the family and developing the business!

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